Sunday, January 9, 2011

Spot of tea?

My friend was fucking his girlfriend doggy-style. I was underneath them, licking her pussy, and every few strokes he would pull out and I would suck his dick. As he thrusted away, with my tongue on the girl's clit, my face was right under his balls, feeling them gently slap at me over and over and over again.

"How was that for you, baby?"

"...Kind of like getting killed in Halo."


  1. Hahahaha! This made my morning.

  2. Took me like five minutes to figure it out. To the other confused folks- when people kill someone else in Halo, they'll often run over to their kill and crouch right above the face, so it looks like they're teabagging them, much as Mz. Pervocracy was getting a facefull of balls

  3. I got my bf to explain it to me. YAY for nerdy boyfriends!