Friday, March 19, 2010

Critter-Centric Day.

We went to the zoo and it was awesome. Mostly because:

A) They let you feed the elephants! We brought a big bag of carrots and handed them to the elephants, who had amazing dexterity with their trunks; it's awe-inspiring to have a 5-ton prehistoric-looking beast delicately pluck vegetables out of your hand. They never dropped one.

B) There's a GUINEA PIG TOWN! An entire miniature town with houses and a church and a little watermill and it's all full of zillions of guinea pigs! There's even a separate kindergarten with a little school for the baby guinea pigs! They all go squeeky and run around and you can give them carrots too! It's the best zoo exhibit ever.

And then for dinner we visited my dad's friend whose friend had shot a wild boar (they're a nuisance animal in Germany) and we ate boar stew, which was the most delicious thing ever. It's kind of like pork, but much leaner and with a lot more flavor. Yum.

And the following story was told at dinner: "I vas taking meine kinder to der kindergarten, ja, and vun of de little girl's mama vanted to kiss her goodbye. But de little girl started yellink in front of everyone, 'Nein, mama, I don't vant you kissink me any more, not after you had Papa's peepee in your mouth!'"


  1. They're a nuisance here, too. Oklahoma doesn't even have a closed season or bag limit, and they're still multiplying.

  2. I apologize in advance for this question...

    But are german toilets really like that?

  3. Elmo - No. Every toilet I have encountered here was like regular toilets. Poo goes on the water, not on some horrible poo inspection shelf.

    The only toilet weirdness is that a lot of them have two buttons for "little flush" and "big flush," which I think is actually a good idea. It saves some water but still reserves the ability to get out the big guns when you NEED firepower. Waterpower. You know what I'm saying.

  4. Maybe it depends on the area of Germany? Most of the toilets I saw in the southwest were the shelf version. You get used to it.

  5. Danke schoen. Now I know that if I ever want to get Danielle to visit Germans, we should stick to Hamburg. ;)

    The multiflush is a good idea. Sort of a sane middle ground between the western model and Japanese supertoilets.

  6. You might want to avoid northern mainland Japan, too... They have very, very few normal toilets. Sometimes you luck out and get the super toilet with heated seats, remote-controlled bidets, and whatnot... most other times you get a hole in the ground with a pole to hold on to while you squat. They even had hole-in-the-ground porta-potties! Very awkward, considering how little space you have to squat.

    ...I know way too much about international toilet variations.