Monday, March 15, 2010

Gone to .de, here's a comic.

Porn for women


  1. I saw that this morning and my first thought was, I wonder if Holly's seen this yet.

  2. Assuming the so-called "porn for women" is serious and not a joke (I doubt it is, but who can tell these days?) it may be based on the fact that men who do housework get more sex with their wives / live-in girlfriends. But this is only because men who share in the labor are less likely to have women in their lives who are too tired and stressed to have sex. It's not because women fetishize housework. (Occasionally they might, but you'd think most of those would be more into domestic-slave play. With themselves as the slave, not the husband/boyfriend.)

  3. The book refered to in the comic is meant as a joke. Or, well, at least I hope so! ;-) Someone in the xkcd forum posted a link to some examples: