Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Jackson, Minnesota.

South Dakota is like Hoth: flattish, windswept, covered in snow, the people are friendly and not fond of the government, you know you wouldn't make it through one night outside, and everyone rides around on giant kangaroo-goat things.

376 miles today. I waited to leave Wall in hopes that the fog would let up, and eventually I just gave up and drove anyway. It was 100 solid miles of pea soup before I could see more than a few yards ahead of me.

At Wall Drug I ran into a family moving from Massachusetts to Washington! Crazy.

Today was honestly really boring. There's not much to do in eastern South Dakota, and if there was anything, I didn't do it.

I passed the halfway mark today. The accents went from "yeehaw, pardner" to "oh ya, you betcha" and the radio stations went from K to W.

A recurrent experience on this trip is debating with motel clerks whether my guinea pigs constitute "a dog."


  1. I am so enjoying this travelogue across the U.S. It's perfect.

  2. I'm imagining your guinea pig debates as going a bit like this:

    (I'm not gonna quote the whole thing here, for space reasons.)