Sunday, September 9, 2007

Another Side of Me.

Saturday night.

Monday morning.

Sometimes it feels strange to be two people. I wouldn't want to be either one of them full-time though.

(Interesting: Benny and I spent almost the whole weekend fucking, and yet we didn't have vaginal or anal intercourse once. And oral only briefly and not to completion. [The marks are from being bound in a kneeling position.] It was almost all hands. "Third base?" Handsex don't get no respect. But hands are very strong, not distracted by seeking their own pleasure, and are very... precise. It was quite satisfying.)


  1. Hehe, two people?
    By day, I'm a mild mannered lifeguard named Siera, by night, I'm a Drag King named Ethan...
    now that's two people :-)
    Sounds like you have fun. Lucky.

  2. Dear god, you're a lifeguard AND a drag king?

    Why are we not having sex RIGHT NOW?

  3. Because you are on the other side of the country. Come visit.

  4. Most people are two people. The rest either never have sex or do it in public.

  5. Bruno - true dat. I don't mean that I'm the only person ever to have sex and I'm omigosh sospecial for it... only that sometimes it feels that way.

  6. The cool thing was your visual of the two sides of you.

    And drag kings are HOT!