Monday, September 3, 2007

The Girls.

The second most NWS part of my body.

They're different; the left one is bigger and the right one is pinker. They have areolae so white they're almost invisible. You can see a tiny mark on the left nipple from where Jon did something extremely mean and nasty to it. The first time a boy was mean to my breasts (at my request), they had little black scabs in all the cracks afterwards. It was terrible. That hasn't happened much since; I think I've toughened 'em up. It'll make breastfeeding easier someday.

I never know if they're pretty to other people or not. People sleeping with me say they are, but gosh, they would say that; people who aren't sleeping with me don't have social licence to comment.

And they're sensitive. I don't think you can make me come by playing with my breasts, but you can certainly make me enjoy life. Thrust your cock between them and I'll be moaning almost as good as you. Brush a fingertip across one and I'll shudder; grab one hard and rough and I'll gasp. I can show you how hard to squeeze the nipple to find that perfect edge between "ah, ow, ah" and "OW DAMMIT." And if you totally ignore me and go right past the dammit until you decide I've had enough, I might love you that much more.

If I'm on top during sex they're going to bounce everywhere. That embarasses me sometimes, because I'm stupid enough to think you wouldn't like that. They should stay perfectly fixed on my chest? That would be sexy? I think silly things sometimes.

Once I had to run down seven flights of stairs with no bra. That wasn't sexy at all.


  1. Those are fantastic nipples. Very suckable.

  2. I love your breasts. They're super sexy and if I lived closer I'd love to have some fun with them.

  3. Anonymous--thanks? (Creep.) No, no, I know I invited comments like that, I don't think you're a creep, it's very flattering, just odd to hear from a stranger. I'm still not used to the idea that anything about me could be sexy.

    Dorkie--Aww, thanks. (No creep-out since I know you.) Even if you've seen 'em before and you know damn well you'll see 'em again. If I'm ever in your neck of the woods for some reason we really should see about that.

  4. Among the problems with posting anonymously is that anyone can do it. So you (Holly) can't tell whether this is me (not creep) and not that other poster (not-creep).

    Next up: Holly's backside!

  5. Maybe I *am* creepy....

  6. Conflicted semi-creepy anonymous: if you click the "other" radio button when you're commenting, you can give yourself a handle of any sort. It doesn't have to be connected to any other online identity, so your anonymity is safe. Just call yourself Bruno, okay? You're Bruno now.

    And I dunno, Bruno, I kind of have a manass. Maybe if I can find a good angle.

  7. HOPEFULLY all the nipple clamps and tit torture will prepare you for breastfeeding. Took me about 3 months to get used to it, fucking ow. They say breastfeeding is natural, but it's pretty hard to pull off.

  8. By now, I assume you know that guys like breasts. All shapes and sizes. I would say something nice about yours, but I would not want to do so without social permission.