Monday, September 3, 2007

Holy of Holies.

(My real-life friends are NOT ALLOWED to click the links in this post, okay? Also med school admissions boards. Seriously, doctor-picker dudes/ladies, my real name's nowhere on this blog so if you found it you did some looking and that means it's your own damn fault. I've brought people back from the brink of asphyxiation and I've comforted crying old ladies and those matter more than the fact that I'm not asexual or willing to pretend I am, kay?)

Okay, now that the paranoia and defensiveness are out of the way, here's my pussy! And closeup. And the classic pornographic "spread."

I wasn't masturbating or turned on taking the photos (mostly doing ridiculous contortions to get decent light in there), it's just normally a little moist like that.

I know the stubble and ingrown hairs from hamfisted shaving are a little gruesome, but I hate being hairy. I shave even when I know I won't be getting laid, just because having hair there makes me feel all sweaty and itchy and gross.

Like everything else on my body it's not perfectly symmetrical.

I work in a hospital so I see other women's every day. Old worn women can have little tidy ones, and young healthy women big beefy ones. In general, though, they all look very similar; there's more difference between toes or necks than there is between vulvas. Except for sometimes losing hair, they don't show old age or poor health. (They certainly don't show "heavy use" in any way that I can perceive.)

Based on before and after photos mine is very close to the "after" result of plastic surgery, which makes me kind of happy. I guess that means I got a naturally cute one? Fuck, I have no freaking idea what defines a cute or uncute vulva. Do we really need to have societal standards for that? Well, if we do I seem to be a winner, so yay for me. I guess.

I never understood guys who talked about "finding the clitoris" as if it were elusive. It's right in the middle, right at the top, and you generally shouldn't mess directly with it anyway, that feels weird.

Gosh, just to look at it you'd never know what the big deal is. This is a major fascination and focus of Western Civilization? It's this dorky, awkwardly biological little pink thing. It's, at least to me, nothing at all to see. But to touch...



  1. I generally prefer a less concave vulva for lookin' purposes. (I.e., more exposed hood and labia.) But what's important is that you like it and it works properly.

  2. I think it's awesome of you to post stuff like that. Not because it's sexual or anything, but because I would never have the gusto to do something like that.
    I believe the phrase was, "Yo Go Girl!" :-D

  3. Wow, it's so little and pink and neat! Beauteous.

  4. Is it ok if i masturbate to these?

  5. Speaking AS someone who interviews applicants to medical school--I wouldn't mention this blog in the interview process. Also, if you end up doing show and tell in the interview...It's gone off the rails, and probably not in a good way.

    Everyone is sexual, but the interview is not the time to talk about that.

    And about labiaplasty? Aside from things getting tangled in your underwear...why have one? I can't see how any conversation that has the phrase "I'd like to sleep with you but your pussy looks funny" would possibly end well.

  6. WtC - It's, um, a joke, and I don't think there's anything someone who knows my in an academic/professional setting could Google to find this blog.

    Anyways my odds of going to med school are pretty much nil by now, not because of vaginal indiscretions but because I can't pass Ochem. :(

  7. This is gonna sound pervy. it's not, really, but the link isn't working! I'm straight, I was just curious. But the darn link says page does not exist

    1. I have no idea what happened to the picture and I'm not re-photographing my vagina just to fix this post. :p