Friday, June 20, 2008

"I never say 'no'..."

Stupid ol' real life is still making it difficult to write full entries, but I present for your amusement one of the worse things I've seen on the Internet today:

Sex Doll Rental

The FAQ is priceless, too:

Q: When and how do the extra charges like "Loss and Damage Policy Fees" or "Clean-Up Fee" apply and how much are they?
A: Hopefully such circumstances never occur. However, if we are forced to apply such fees they will be applied in the following cases: fingernail marks, bite marks, and cuts made with a knife or other bladed instrument; burn marks; liquid other than lotion; excessive bending of the doll’s joints; dirty or torn clothing; a dirty head; semen anywhere on the doll's surface or her entries, handcuff marks. Note: We require that you WEAR A CONDOM at all time when entering the doll's entries. The previous list is not definite and we reserve the rights to asses fees if needed. The amount of "Loss and Damage Policy Fees" are determined on a case by case basis.

"Clean-Up Fee" is assesed if the doll is found in inapropriate sanitary condition for collection. "Clean-Up Fee" is $100 and it will be collected in cash or charged to customer's credit card.


  1. "Note: We require that you WEAR A CONDOM at all time when entering the doll's entries."

    I find myself thinking they could have come up with a better phrase than 'entering the entries.'

    Maybe the folks who write those FAQs ought to freelance that work out to pros...

  2. LOL! What a gas! Looks like somebody has figured out a way to recoup the price of their RealDoll by pandering to the freak factor in the Bay Area. More power to them!

    I found it a little odd that the "View the Dolls tab reveals that there is only one doll. I suppose that, at $6000 a piece ,they have to get some business out of this one befroe they can expand their "stable"...

  3. Does that make these people pimps?