Sunday, June 22, 2008

Like bunnies.

Tommy the Cuddliest Sadist has been staying over. He's been here since late Thursday night and we've had sex thirteen times. That works out to... about every four hours. Really more since we sleep. The boy has stamina.

And by "boy," I mean "Daddy." In the last couple days he's shoved a piece of ginger up my ass, put clothespins on my breasts, beaten the holy hell out of my tits and ass, snapped a thin piece of metal against my pussy to raise welts before he fucked me, and made me scream "come in me, Daddy!" where people could hear. And then we cuddled.

We've got more planned. I can't type for too long here. But it's just the coolest thing ever to be spending so much time with someone whose sexual interests and appetite are as weird and large as my own. I'm used to guys being less horny than me, used to them cutting me off at some point and telling me I've had enough sex or hitting. Tommy is as horny as me. It's fucking awesome.

Although god damn am I sore right now.

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