Saturday, June 28, 2008

Lust makes hypocrites of us all.

Clothes on, sitting around talking:
"I'm just into normal kink, you know, hitty stuff. Crazy fucked-up shit like ageplay and calling someone 'Daddy,' that's so not my thing."
"Oh yeah, me too, that's... good for other people if they like it I guess, but yeesh, weird. Like those crazy fucks who play with piss."
"Oy. Yeah, the whole bathroom thing, so not sexy."


Naked, on my knees in the bathtub with bruises on my tits and his cock in my face:
"Be a good little girl and pee for Daddy."


  1. When I was with my last girlfriend, she was totally kinky and we had a habit of getting crazy drunk and getting freaky. We were having sex when we were both pretty trashed, and she screamed out, "HURT ME DADDY!" such that her roommates must have heard it.

    I sobered up instantly and quickly silenced her with, um, non-conventional means. It was amazing.

  2. My kink for sexy kinky nerdy Jewish girls(who say things like "Oy" during conversations about kinky sex) is okay. :-p