Friday, June 6, 2008

Kinds of wanting.

I want enough money to pay my bills, go out with friends, and have some left over for savings each month. I also want to be a billionaire.

It's easy enough to sort out the reasonable desire from the goofily overreaching one in this case. In others it's harder.

I want to find a sexual partner who fulfills my needs, respects me, and is also a friend. I also want to get laid every night by a wide variety of sexually dominant men with large frames and short hair.

(My sexual preferences make me the inverse Anita Blake.)


  1. "(My sexual preferences make me the inverse Anita Blake.)"


  2. I don't believe that.

  3. I've only read the first 4 Antia Blake books, but from what I know of her, her sexual/relationship/sex morals/ideals are TOTALLY unhealthy and messed up.

    You would NEVER see me buying a cow without testing the milk! Sex is a huge part of a relationship - it's not everything, but it's damn important - and if you and your intended don't click sexually - appetite, style, kink, whatnot - then you are NOT going to be happy, period!

    It's a topic I'm very passionate about as you can see...

  4. she SOMETIMES likes to be dominated, according to the latest book.
    it was very strange. very backwards. i'm still in shock.

  5. `Anita Blake makes as much sense to me as "BDSM typing/talking protocol." I guess I really am vanilla.

    I'll Google her myself--I'm just sayin'.

  6. Oh, sweet jumping jeebus, she's a "vampire hunter?" No wonder I've never heard of her. The last thing the world needed was another book about vampires.

  7. DG - Oh no, she's not just a vampire hunter, she's a vampire hunter who transparently reflects the author's dysfunctional sexual fantasies.

    And all of the men in the stories are very short with long flowy hair and meek little weenieboy personalities.

  8. re: Anita Blake... Nothing quite like a particularly tacky Mary Sue. I'm thinking inverting Anita Blake's preferences is better called "being rational."

    Then again, I had to learn that from your responses. Maybe I'm off base.

    I'm all about the billionaire thing.