Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Caught up in everything.

I just can't post about sex right now. It's nothing horrible, no one's dead and no one's even unhappy, my life is just... changing big time.

Oy. That made it sound like I was pregnant or something. I'm really just overwhelmed by the move. Here are the milestones: my last day at my job is the 22nd. My last night in this apartment is the 27th. Everything I own goes in bags and boxes and the guinea pigs go in a little airline crate. First thing in the morning on the 28th, I type "Massachusetts" into the GPS and hope it doesn't send me via Mexico or something.

Somewhere around the 8th or 9th of March, I


I arrive, and unpack, and look for work, and contact people I know in the area, and explore the sights and people of a whole new city, but what I'm really there for, what I ultimately want to do with myself is

...I just don't know, man. I feel like this move is making me contemplate big old "but what do you want to do with your life?" questions, questions that cannot be answered by references to career or family or picket fences, big thudding "you've only got a few decades to work with, you've gotta do something!" questions. I'm planning to move for life, and I just don't know what that means.

Or maybe I'm just angsty because I just realized how much all this shit weighs, and I have no freaking idea how I'm getting it up the stairs over there.


  1. I'm excited for you. Big geographic moves are healthy, now and then. I hope you have a blast, I hope it's a great experience. Looking forward to having you on my coast!

  2. Heh. You're the only blogger I read who wants to move _to_ Massachusetts. ;)

    Best of luck!

  3. Good luck in the Volksrepublik.

  4. Job first. Then . . . . stair chair!

  5. Whenever one of my relatives moves, they always beg me to come help them. Even when they live hundreds of miles away. Because I'm used to carrying heavy stuff, and I'm pretty much the only one who *doesn't* have back problems. Since most of them move a lot, it gets annoying.

    (I just realized that out of my surviving relatives, only my uncle is or has been married in the past decade or so, if ever. Or has any real friends. Or not moved. I wonder if there's a connection there.)

  6. Elmo and Raspberry - Geez, you guys, it's not California.

    Don - I was actually thinking about that. It would be the perfect solution.

    Not Me - Okay, so anyone who helps me will resent it, and I'll never have any real friends or be married. Thanks, buddy.

  7. You're moving before you've found work? Very brave, something I've never dared to do.

  8. It's just us crazy gun folks. We tend to use gun policy as the major barometer for a state's intrusiveness, and MA's in an ongoing competition with my home state of NJ to have the country's dumbest gun laws. :)

    And Not Me, I've movet twice in the last five years, and brought along tupperwares full of documents and almost 150 linear feet of books. If good friends could forgive _me_, good friends can forgive _anything_.

  9. @Holly & Elmo: Lol. No, that's not what I meant. I was thinking more like not being married keeps people from being tied into one place, not being tied to one place keeps people from developing lasting friendships, and not developing lasting friendships keeps people from being married. Or something like that.

    The only reason why I'm a bit "resentful" (not my word, I used "annoyed") is because when you have two or three people a year begging to help them move even though they live hundreds of miles away from you just because they can't afford (and in some cases, wouldn't trust) a moving company, well, I'm pretty sure you'd be at least annoyed too.

  10. I'll help you! I'm kind of excited that this internet celeb is moving to my very own city!

  11. Well... if you're going to pass through WI, drop me an email...