Thursday, July 22, 2010


I'm finding that after I have a really intense orgasm--or series of orgasms--God I love my life--sometimes it's not over when it's over. There's a period of time afterwards when my brain is fried and I'm hypersensitive. In a sense I'm still coming, even if nothing is touching my vagina. I can't think; when I talk, it'll be either nonsensical babble or extremely specific directions on how to touch me. I have, I am consumed by, a tremendous drive to be touched. Everything touching my skin--everything, even the sheets beneath me--feels amplified a thousand times. Pain does not feel much like pain at all. I want to make out and I want to be struck.

I am not much use during this time. I don't have the energy to move; I probably won't be sucking or stroking your cock and I definitely won't be riding you. But I am tremendously, exquisitely reactive to anything you do. If you ever wanted to just stroke your finger across a girl's shoulder and have her moan and squirm like she's getting deep-dicked, this would be your chance. (Actual deep-dicking during this time may produce highly volatile results. Further experimentation is warranted.)

This seems to be a relatively recent thing; I don't remember it happening when I was younger. It doesn't happen every time, even if the sex was great, and it almost never happens when I'm alone. But as strange and amazing and wonderful experiences go... yeah, it's pretty awesome.


  1. Aaand now I'm massively envious of you, Holly. *grins*


  2. What Aaron said. I need to figure out how not to have mediocre sex.

  3. If you ever wanted to just stroke your finger across a girl's shoulder and have her moan and squirm like she's getting deep-dicked, this would be your chance.

    Heh. I'm basically like that all the time. Running your fingers (or your hair, or the edge of your sleeve, or anything else that's not prickly) over any exposed piece of skin makes it feel like instant orgasms are exploding outward from the point of contact. Yes, that's right, I get armgasms. Leggasms. Footgasms. Neckgasms.

    There are other areas of my sex life where I wish my body would respond differently than it currently does. I wish I could orgasm from penetration; I wish I could orgasm in more positions than I currently can; I wish I orgasmed quickly and easily from oral instead of making it into an hour-long hit-or-miss odyssey. But then I remember the time my boyfriend nearly exploded my entire nervous system by touching my elbow, and I feel okay about things.

  4. Delurking to say me, too. Childbirth was hard on my body in certain other ways, but I gained the hypersensitivity/little aftershocks. That plus the kid way more than makes up for the rest of it.

  5. Aaron, I involuntarily felt envious when I read Holly's post, too. But then I remembered that I've never finished having an orgasm and thought, "Gee, that was good, but I wish it could have been mind blowing." Some of my orgasms are shorter and softer than others, but at worst a mild orgasm means waiting a day or so to try again. And most of the lasting enjoyment from an orgasm comes from the thoughts and images that flash through my mind during it and enter into my memory.

  6. I adore the hypersensitivity after a mindblowing orgasm...and I like penetration afterwards even better. I'm so ultrasensitive EVERYWHERE that it feels so good that it hurts and it hurts so much that it feels good. A-mazing. Cool to hear similar observations from others. :)