Monday, July 12, 2010


All future comments by "Ashur," or anonymous posters with strikingly similar rhetorical styles, will be deleted. They may stay up for several hours, since I sleep and work and socialize and whatnot, but they will go away. Please do not reply to these comments, as your replies will make the thread look funny. Ashur seems to have the kind of idiot tenacity that must write extensive and infuriatingly dense rebuttals to everything, which causes other people to reply, which makes every thread all about Ashur instead of the blog I'm trying to write here.

If you wish to read all about Ashur and continue to attempt debate with him, he has his very own blog here! It's all about how everyone in the world is dumber than him, and if every single commenter disagrees with him, well, hello evidence, right?

No, this is not nice or polite or "fair." Tough beans. My blog, my "delete" button, your decision to call me a cunt and shit up my comment threads... tough fucking beans.


  1. Hershele OstropolerJuly 12, 2010 at 12:25 PM

    Feel free to delete any of my responses to comments of his that are deleted.

    I mean, not that you need my permission.

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. I'd assume it probably is pretty tough fucking beans.

    I only want to know:

    1) Where did you come up with THAT particular kink?


    2) is there no END to your perversion? Sigh. get thee to a nunnery, child.

    (It'll increase your popularity -- I'm betting that there's a ton of pervs out there who would just LOVE to make the "I fucked a nun!" notch on their Bedpost Of Lifetime Kinks).

  4. Same thing here, feel free to delete an of my responses to said person

  5. Same here. Your house, your rules.

    I must say, however, his blog is a hoot.

  6. I admire your policy of not deleting comments, but IMO this decision IS polite & fair... it makes sense for you to give more consideration to your long-time readers who agree with the general premises of your thinking & are interested in having a discussion about the actual topics of specific posts. Politeness doesn't require letting randoms derail an interesting thread.

    I went to this person's blog, & he claims he wanted to argue that "feminism is a misleading umbrella term for too many opposing viewpoints." WTF? That's what you call an ambitious claim. If true (or even potentially true), it would require a massive, carefully researched and rigorously researched piece of writing to present this argument at all plausibly to feminist-identified people. Blog comments are just not a practical substitute.

  7. "carefully researched & rigorously argued," was what I meant.

  8. We come here to read you, not him, Holly.

  9. Second what zombiecheeze says, although I do think that many comments can be useful, and prompt you and others to expand upon earlier points or delve into related areas, to the greater good of the general discussion.

    It may be time to come up with a new comment policy for your front page, though. "Certain turdish candids will be flushed" or something like that.

  10. I enjoy your blog as much for the comments as for the blog posts themselves. Instituting a policy of not allowing people to continually make threads all about them is fair.

  11. I like that you respect "opposing opinions", Holly, but some people (like Ashur) don't come here for respectful debate; they come here to irritate the shit out of people with their obtuse opinions, and they don't listen to the (many many MANY) people pointing out the (enormous) flaws in their logic.

    I don't think you need to apologize for or explain hitting those people with the banhammer.

  12. Everyone else has said it perfectly, so I'll just say I agree :)

  13. Ashur said...
    This post has been removed by a blog administrator.
    July 12, 2010 12:47 PM



  14. The internet is already overcrowded with irritating, silly little people such as him. I for one come to read your blog for an entertaining, intelligent alternative to so much of the crap that is out there.

    I certainly won't miss him.

  15. Really Holly? Really? I can understand vulgar or generally thoughtless/spam comment removal. But ousting someone because he is too wordy and gets people off topic?


    because that whole thing sounded suspiciously like "he's stealing MY limelight WAH"

  16. Ariadne - I did it because debating with this dork was taking over every post, regardless of what the post was about. I have a lot of really thoughtful commenters who want to have real discussions, and I love that, and out of respect for those commenters I want to keep the discussion space from being taken over by one guy who isn't even interesting.

    Ashur was stealing everyone's limelight, so yes, wah.

  17. Ariadne - um, of course he's stealing her limelight. IT'S HER BLOG.

    I don't, however, believe for a second Holly was doing it for that reason.

  18. Delurking to say: long time reader, infrequent commenter. Behind you all the way. As a music biz friend once said: "while you have the mic, you make the rules. Own that." And this is your mic.

    Thanks for the great blog! :-)



  19. AHAHA. I love that even when you're disciplining, you're funny as all get-out. Kind of makes me wish I had been following you more closely this last week or two. Keep on rocking, Holly.

  20. Did you misspell "Announcement" in your title? (Oddly, it's taken me this long to notice it!)

  21. And now the child has put up three posts so far crying about 'censorship.' Seems he hasn't quite figured out that 'Freedom of Speech' != 'Freedom to be a complete douchebag, especially on someone else's blog.'

    Maybe, someday, he'll use all those supposed smarts to learn how to conduct himself like a civilized human being. I know it doesn't seem likely at the moment, but stranger things have happened.

  22. Anonymous - Oops. Derp.

    Wraith - He may grow out of this. I went through an Internet Atheist phase myself, and while I think I have a more nuanced view of the world now, I'm open to the idea that people really do change in ways they themselves would never expect.

    ...He's still a bag of dicks right now, though.

  23. Thank you, Wraith - now I don't have to go look to see if he was that predictable. I was there once, last week; that's as many minutes out of my life as I want to spend there.