Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Events from this weekend:

-I went to an undisclosed location with undisclosed persons to engage in mostly undisclosed activities, and I am honestly worried that I'm saying too much by admitting it was this weekend. It does make me feel kind of cool to be engaging in dark secret underground shenanigans, but it also makes me incredibly sad that we have to. Pressure from the law and "morals" on one side, and creepy perverts-in-the-bad-way on the other, forces the Massachusetts kink community into this sketchy marginal existence.

-On the drive over, Rowdy was making out with a friend in the backseat. I couldn't look because I was driving, and asked Sprite to provide a play-by-play, which she did admirably. "Okay, they're kissing, they're kissing, there's some general petting going on... hang on, folks, he's reaching under her shirt now, and HE'S SAFE ON SECOND! THIS ONE COULD GO ALL THE WAY!"

-A fellow kinky Jew and I sang the Chanukkah blessings over a fireplay scene. Chag sameach!

-I got sealed in a vacuum cube. (Like this, but without the goofy hood.) It was... interesting. It starts out as just a cube of latex, and then as the air is pumped out it feels like six giant balloons inflating around you, so tightly that for a moment you worry they'll crush you, and then the latex seals to your body and you can't move. At all. This isn't "I can't run away" bondage, this is "I can't wiggle my toes" bondage.

It was a unique physical sensation, but ultimately it was more frightening than exciting for me. My preferred play style is intimately physical, body to body, skin and leather, so this very detached and technological restraint didn't really turn my buttons. And being stuck in total can't-wiggle immobilization is a little bit nightmarish. As I write this, I'm stretching out my limbs and taking deep breaths just thinking about it.

-I'd worked overnight and hadn't had much rest the day before, so as the night went on I got sleepy. I curled up in a dog-crate-sized steel cage and had a nice nap.

-I accidentally got a bit of flesh torn off my back. Ewwww, but not particularly painful or upsetting. What was upsetting was being stuck in a bent-over position (so as not to drip on a white carpet) while my friends made Keystone Kop efforts at first aid. At one point I came within a confusingly labeled bottle of being wiped down with kitchen cleaner.

-I got to run around all night and socialize quasi-normally with my tits out, and all on its own that's fun. Not even sexy fun. It's just freeing.

-The next day, with just Sprite and Rowdy, a discussion of phlebotomy somehow degenerated into examining Rowdy's superficial dorsal vein ("yeah, I could get blood from that, but he probably wouldn't like it"), which degenerated into a more general inspection and contemplation of the male anatomy, which of course degenerated into a double blowjob. As discussions of phleobotomy so often do.

-Oh yeah, and at one point I was getting flogged with a jingly bell clamped to my nipple and I was singing "Jingle Bells" very very enthusiastically. 'Tis the season.


  1. Eurgh, total immobilisation.

    I think my experience with that would swiftly become "Is the device stronger than I am" as I went into full bore "I must get out now" adrenaline dump.

  2. "Oh yeah, and at one point I was getting flogged with a jingly bell clamped to my nipple and I was singing "Jingle Bells" very very enthusiastically. 'Tis the season."

    Damn that made me happy.

  3. I can't visualize putting my head through that rubber hole, but being held that way looks ... comfortable. I'd love to try it, but at those prices, I suspect my opportunities will be limited.

  4. You know, I have had almost the exact conversation, with the same result, as you did about phlebotomy. I KNEW we weren't the only ones who contemplated the venipuncture of the superficial dorsal vein. This fact makes me just a little bit more excited than I think I should be.

  5. All I can think of when looking at the latex cube is that problem I have with needing to pee at the most inopportune moments. (In the middle of a movie in the cinema without fail!)

    How fast can you get out of those?

  6. "And being stuck in total can't-wiggle immobilization is a little bit nightmarish."

    Jeebus, I get claustrophobic when my car is in the shop.

  7. "Pressure from the law and "morals" on one side, and creepy perverts-in-the-bad-way on the other, forces the Massachusetts kink community into this sketchy marginal existence."

    Is the kink community's "sketchy marginal existence" all that different in other states? I know Seattle's more liberal about sex, but Washington as a whole, and most other states, seem to be (relatively) close to where Mass is in terms of official acceptance of kink (i.e., there isn't any). And I'm pretty sure creepy perverts-in-the-bad-way happen everywhere.

    In other news, your reaction to the vacuum cube offers a smidgen of proof that you might not be Temple Grandin. I would therefore think that this would reduce the chance of Claire Danes playing you in your movie biography, but I'm not 100% sure on that as I don't grok the flow direction of all the metaphysics involved.

  8. That vacuum cube thingie sounds really scary. I got a chill reading your description and looking at the picture you linked.

    In relation to the dorsal vein, my understanding is that when male heroin addicts have ruined all their veins, they will resort to the doral vein if necessary.

  9. 3:10 - Actually, you can get out in a hurry. The back unzips, and as soon as the zip is pulled the seal breaks and you can scoot right out.

    Jack - The Wet Spot (ahem, the Center For Sex Positive Culture, ahem) in Seattle is entirely aboveboard and even registered as a nonprofit. They have impact play, full nudity, and public fucking with the knowledge and approval (well, non-crackdown) of the Authorities. For a time, there was actually a kink-event calendar published in Seattle's alternative newspaper. However, I don't know of any open kinkery outside Seattle. Also, the Wet Spot tends to let in anyone with an over-18 ID and a few bucks, so despite a decent regular crowd, the creeper situation can sometimes get a little oogy.

  10. For fun Jewish Times, I would recommended Strip Dreidal. Gimel = put something back on. Hey = Tell someone to take something off. Nun = Nothing (Boo!) and Shin = Take something off.

    The really fun part comes once you get completely naked. Then Shin = assign a beating to someone! Fair warning though. Once Strip Dreidal turns into Beating Dreidal, it pretty quickly d/evolves into just plain Beating. Oh noes, not the briar patch...

    Chag Sameach.

  11. @3:10 Yup. I'm not into the heavy restraint thing because as soon as it comes up, my mind immediately goes to, "SHIT, I HAVE TO PEE."

    @LoMevina Ooooh, Beating Dreidel! I have to admit, despite owning jingly nipple clamps and a jingly collar, I could never bring myself to sing Jingle Bells while being beaten (even though I am aware the song was written for Thanksgiving, not Christmas). I would just feel like too bad a Jew :(. But Beating Dreidel sounds awesome! I actually have a weirdly specific kink for using random number generators of whatever kind in my sadomasochism and a dreidel is a hilarious one. So hurray for Fun Jewish Times!


  12. Holly -

    D.C. has a pretty awesome club in The Crucible, and a couple of organizations (BESS, Black Rose, Dark Odyssey) which aren't hidden away in the slightest, though they don't exactly advertise all over the place.

    The Crucible does some pretty brisk business, too. The scene tends to be much more interested in corporeal play (beatings, wax, fire, needles, etc) and not as interested in the sex side of things, but that's just a preference thing.

  13. Andy - My worst problem with confinement is that my nose immediately starts itching. (I get it any time I put on gloves, too.)

    Aaron - People varied of course, but in Seattle a lot of people seemed to have a bug up their butt about "I would never sully my kink with something as crass as sex." I played with a guy who rubbed his boner against me, whipped my pussy, ordered me to "grind your hips like a whore," then got all put out and prissy when I said the play made me horny.

  14. Um, the cube scares me. Kudos to you. And I think I might really like some nipple clamps. Guess what's going on my Christmas list. ;)

  15. Holly - I've noticed that, too. It makes me sad, because my interest in kink is inextricably tied to sex; I'm totally uninterested in the kind of corporeal play that dominates the public scene here in D.C..

    Nonetheless, the fact that the Crucible can have such a matter-of-fact existence, and that Black Rose can as well, fills me with joy, even if I don't partake in most of the stuff that goes on.

  16. Oh I'm so glad someone else raised the comment about needing to pee in reference to the cube, cause that's the first thing that came to my mind too! (In fact, I think, power of suggestion...)

    Also, loljinglebells.

  17. The cube looks like it might be an entertaining novelty for, you know, a minute or two. On the other hand, if I really can't just bust out, I probably don't want to be in it ever.

  18. Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the waaaaaay

  19. Eeeugughgh restraints. Brrr. Your description made me shiver all over in a VERY BAD way :S I sometimes get claustro over my boy snuggling me way too tight in his sleep. Or blankets wrapped around my legs. If I were to try being bound with ropes, they'd have to be fairly loose and moving, which kind of negates the point :P

    Speaking of clubs or associations though, I don't know of any where I live. I mean the whole country. I did find a forum (joy! surprise! joy!), but it looks like there aren't any big spaces available, at all. Saaaaaad faaaace.

  20. Happy holiday season to you dear...

    And a slight helping of envy on my part.

    the kink situation in Spokane is so either-ended extreme that I gave it up for Lent.

    And I'm not even Catholic....

  21. Huh, I never knew emulating Han Solo was considered kinky...live and learn.

  22. Is the cube supportive? Do you have to hold up your weight, or does the immobility mean you can relax your muscles? Do you have sensation through the latex? How hard is it to breathe?

    That might be a toy I find groovy. I'd certainly like to try it sometime....

  23. I tried a vac bed at an event. I freaking LOVED it. I thought it was very oddly relaxing. Like a giant hug or something. I'm hoping one of my boys makes me my own. I could totally nap in there*!

    @miette -- You have sensation through it, but things can feel different. I didn't have much done to me, but ice cubes felt neat.

    *Note: I would not unless someone was keeping an eye on me, natch

  24. Is it bad that I now desperately want a cube? That looks like so much fun.