Monday, February 7, 2011

Cooperative sex.

Some of the coolest sex happens when you get out of the mindset "I should show him/her what I've got" and into the mindset "oh man, we should see what we can do!" When you're not exactly pleasing each other; you're a team exploring pleasure. When "hmm, let's see what this does" is not entirely a joke and "ooh, we should totally try this!" is not a line.

There's a reason, cheesy as it is, that people on dating sites talk about looking for a "partner in crime." It's because one of the best roles to play in sex is that of co-conspirators. "We've found it! This is the sex they didn't want us to know about!"


  1. I ... just ... YES! Abso-fucking-lutely! Not to boast, but I just had this kind of sex not a half hour ago. And it's just like you described: It was a team effort, an erotic exploration, not "help me get my rocks off and I'll see to you next" kind of affair.


  2. Oh yes - the great love of my life was exactly a partner in crime. I'd get the ideas and he would implement. It's not always you get that type of rapport. :-)

  3. Oh god, have you heard the Rihanna song S&m (I can't make capital ms)