Wednesday, February 9, 2011


This weekend, Sprite and Rowdy and I are going to the Fetish Fair Fleamarket in Providence for three days of debauchery, perversion, and general moral turpitude. (I think moral turpitude is what you use to remove moral varnish.)

I'm excited. And a little nervous. I always worry before BDSM events, usually the twin terrors of:

1) Oh no, what if someone hits me really hard?
2) Oh no, what if no one hits me really hard?

They're both just matters of asking for what I want, though. If I can say "I want you to hit me," and I can say "but not real hard unless I say I'm ready, m'kay?", I can deal with most of that fear.

Then it's just... fun. More fun than lust, really. Kink in this kind of atmosphere is rarely a matter of "this is my deepest, darkest desire hidden down in the blood-streaked thorn garden of my soul," and more like "haha I wanna use that toy next I totally want to get tied up all crazy like wheeee." At least for me. And that's awesome.

Plus, these are only concerns that apply to play events, and though I understand there, uh, might be some playing going on somewhere, that's actually not the main thrust of the Flea. There's going to be classes and discussions and events and lots of shopping--basically everything from your typical nerd convention, except that our fandom is sexual perversion--and those are nearly as fun with far less neurosis attached. For those I'm just plain a kid in a candy store.

Man, Friday evening can't come soon enough.

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  1. None of the individual spaces in the hotel are anywhere near as large as as the space the Summer Flea was held in.

    On the other hand, we have roughly 15 of those spaces.

    And 584 guest rooms, nearly every one (I think we have only a half-dozen rooms left) filled with freaks a lot like you.

    And about 3000 kinky/leatherfolk attending, total. Starting Friday at about 8am (when I surface from the bottom of the pool and head to the back of the house to start bringing in the toys -- bags and boxes and crates and cases and piles and pallets of TOYS!!!), and lasting until late Sunday afternoon, we will build ourselves a City of Freaks, and rejoice in our gathering.

    Oh, I think you're gonna have quite a bit of fun. :)

    Also -- I just sent you the Volunteer FAQ and a set of maps for everything. If none of you have been to the Winter Flea (and at this particular hotel) before, it'll let you get a bit of a head-start, get a feel for the lay of the land, etc.