Friday, February 11, 2011

Fleaing the scene.

I'll be leaving for the Fetish Flea tonight, and the hotel charges a stupid amount for Internet, so I won't be posting 'til Monday or possibly late Sunday. I'll try to write down my experiences for some fun posts when I get back. I'll tweet some too.

I won't be able to get emails there, but I will get texts, including Twitter messages.

I'm also bringing my fully annotated Cosmo with me, and hope to write a really good Cosmocking if I have any downtime. (Downtime at the Flea? Perish the thought! But I tend to have early-morning insomnia, and I suspect 6 AM could really be downtime.)

This time around, I want to focus on The True Meaning Of Cosmocking. It's easy to hit the slowpitches of "rub his balls with your nipples!" and "want a guy to do something particular for you? think about it really hard!" I'm getting bored of that. I want to dig into what we can learn from Cosmo.

LESSON 1: Just because it's printed nicely doesn't mean it's true.
I mean, duh, right? But there's a tremendous amount of credibility afforded simply by the medium of glossy printing and broad distribution--ever since we read textbooks in school, we've associated professional printing with Truth and Facts. We were taught that when the source is "reputable" (i.e., printed nicely), our job was to absorb and apply, not to second-guess or criticize. It can be kind of a quiet revelation to fully understand that access to a nice printing facility just means you have money, and that the writers of a national magazine are under no binding obligation not to tell us that the moon is made of bleu cheese dressing.

There's a lot more lessons. I'll get to those when I get back from the Flea.

I know posting has been light/lazy of late and I thank y'all for bearing with me. My energy for life waxes and wanes, and the last couple weeks it's been at a definite "sleep eat work, sleep eat work" wane. These slumps never last--and having some kinkventures is a great way to break out of them, too--and I know I'll come back strong and ready to yell at people on the Internet with renewed zest and vigor.

Now, off to the Flea!

wheeeeeeee fleeeeeeeeeeaaaaa wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


  1. I hope you have lots of awesome fun there, Holly :)

  2. I don't know if you're still reading, but IIRC there's free internet in the lobby.

  3. I'm not sure what most of Cosmo's readers make of the advice it offers. More than one must laugh at the "pepper under the nose at orgasm" sex advice, so I have to wonder whether the writers and editors take it seriously.

  4. Have a great time and we'll be looking forward to the updates. I also get the early morning insomnia (case in point...been up since 4:30) but I've found it's sometimes good alone time/creative time :) And word to the skepticism on the glossy printed word!

  5. One of the best history classes I ever took was on early American history. The professor gave us the text and then took the time to showcase how the textbook used propaganda to give us a very American version of events and I've never looked at a textbook the same way since. Good post and have fun at the Flea. I wish we were going.