Saturday, June 14, 2014

30 Days of Kink: Day 6.

Day 6: Describe your weirdest/most interesting sexual fantasy.
I've only ever had two sexual fantasies in my life.

Okay, I've had thousands, but they've all been installments in a long-running series, and I've only had two of those.  I switched around age 21; I don't remember the exact time or why I did.

The first one was softer and sweeter.  It was about a couple, a man and a woman (I can't tell you their names; for some reason that's one the part that feels too personal), who could travel between parallel universes.  They had found a little pocket universe that was all their own.  It was just a house, a big fancy villa with a courtyard and a pool and all the fixin's, and that was the entire universe.  And they fucked their way across the universe.

Their sexual discovery tracked with my own; they started off with just the glee of "we can touch these parts of each other?  that's a thing we can do?  WHOA" and then moved into more elaborate scenarios.  They were kinky, of course (the woman was dominant), but it was always in a soft sort of way.  It was a way they played around, but they were also in love and ended their scenes gently holding each other.

After about seven years of this, I abruptly switched tracks, and things got darker.  The couple in love went away, and instead, I imagined a single character at a time, very alone in their world.  There are several characters like this, male and female, and they're all sort of impersonalized. Their names are just letters of the alphabet.  Jay, Kay, Elle, Em, you get the idea.

They live full-time in a computer simulation created for the purposes of kinky sex.  Basically the Sex Matrix.  It allows them to do anything they want, with outlandish scenarios constructed on command, and without fear of harming their real bodies.  Some of the people they encounter in the simulation are other users, some are NPCs, and it's not always clear which is which.

The sex they have is extreme, ludicrously anal-focused, and... running up against that "somehow this is the part I find too personal" wall again.  But none of it is happening to their real bodies, and they can unplug themselves whenever they want, and... that makes it all okay, right?


  1. I'm not sure that any fantasy is 'not ok' as long as it stays in that realm. Nothing wrong with exploring darkenss internally.

  2. Oh, I remember you talking about this before! Someone wrote a story based on the second one, correct?

  3. I REALLY like, and can relate heavily to, your first scenario/series. When I was a kid I had a few series based around characters from books I would fall in love with, but when I hit puberty or shortly before I struck on the one series that I've basically stayed with into adulthood. I love your way of describing these individual fantasies set in the same universe as an ongoing series; that's a great way to conceptualize them. Thank you for sharing yours!

  4. Did someone write a story based off the second one? Because I remember reading the first post about it and wishing someone would write fiction set in this universe!

  5. I think these are them:

    1. Yes! Thank you so much for finding those!

    2. Thank you! The otherworlds one is... relevant to my interests.

  6. Oh, cool - I always wondered if it was really weird that my sexual fantasies when I was younger were all long-running serial stories about specific made-up characters.

  7. Ooh, the Sex Matrix sounds like a lot of fun. I would read that book.

    My fantasies tend to follow type, and sometimes be about recurring characters, though I don't think they've lasted lifelong like yours. I like your brain, though--it seems a very creative place.