Saturday, November 17, 2007


"Wow, seems like everyone has a birthday in November. What's nine months before that? February? Why are people fucking in February?"

"Valentine's Day."

"Oh, good point. It seems like there's that, and then there's a lot of people conceived in the summer. Nice fucking weather in June and July."

"I wonder if we could correlate July conceptions with fenced back yards..."

"Not everyone thinks the way you do, Holly."



  1. Noo kidding, I went to a b-day party last week and am going to another one tonight. Not to mention the other 5 I've managed to avoid recently.

    But say, you're in the medical field, let me ask you this: The average pregnancy is 40 weeks. Doesn't that equal 10 months? I'm too lazy to count, but if that puts most fucking in Jan, well that's a boring cold month...

  2. 40 weeks = 0.77 years = 9.2 months.

  3. I think its 39 or 40 weeks measured from the last period. That meant the fucking took place 37 or 38 weeks before delivery (on average).