Sunday, November 11, 2007

(They're software developers.)

"Welp, I better wash up before I go out with the guys."

"Yeah. Wouldn't want them to smell all that pussy on you."

"Honey, these guys don't know what pussy smells like."


  1. You'd be surprised. If there's anything I learned in a lifetime of being drawn to my own species (i.e., nerds), it's that geeks make quiet but excellent lovers- they approach sex like they do technology: they try things until they get it right. But they don't necessarily brag about it, because the locker-room qualities of programmers are all about your epenis, not so much your real one.

    We found that... fuck, it's a face cleansing cream, it starts with an N, it's basically cold cream, WHY CAN'T I REMEMBER... gets rid of the smell like a charm.

  2. Labrat - Oh, I know he's probably wrong (hell, he's not a fireman or a cowboy himself), it was just funny.

    And, uh, plain soap and water never did us wrong.

  3. LabRat, my dear, in this case you don't know your ass from your elbow. Of course software developers don't, as a general rule, get the pussy. Software developers are the ones that, in my experience, tend to be the most vocal "No one wants a nice guy!" whiners in the tech world, and usually because perpetually changing specs, weird-ass bugs, and everyone around them having a more developed sense of (and position to say) "This is fucked, and you're stupid for suggesting it."

    Besides, everyone knows sysadmins get the best trim. We're like the sous chefs of the computer world - not technically the boss, but everyone, EVERYONE knows the world crumbles without us.

  4. I know you guys probably have two computers but it cracks me up to assume you're at the same one and shoving each other out of the way.

  5. I won't burst your bubble unless you want me to. That bitch has a mean right cross.

  6. In keeping with my normal role in life in general as well as this relationship, I'll say that you're *essentially* right... but it works out to us just metaphorically behaving as you imagine anyway, because that's how our personalities work out.

    The right cross has never become literal reality, but suffice it to say one of us really has slept on the couch because an argument about the probability of the universe existing grew that much.