Monday, November 19, 2007

I just say "yes" and talk about Alan, but I'm a coward.

"So, do you have a boyfriend?" my coworkers ask me. They're just making idle chitchat. But to give the honest answer ("Two!") would make people extremely uncomfortable and could lose me my job if it's seen as an inappropriately sexual disclosure.

("Girlfriend, actually" probably wouldn't get me fired, but I bet it would lead to awkwardness.)

It's such an intrusive question anyway. Not that I mind sharing with the world, but when people clearly don't want me to share too much... then why are they asking me about my sex life?

Yeah, "boyfriend" is as much a social thing as a sexual one, but if I say I have social relationships with two guys and leave the rest tastefully implied, I still don't think that's gonna fly.

Why is a girl with one boyfriend dating him, and a girl with two boyfriends fucking them?


  1. I should HOPE the girl dating one guy is fucking him! Ha. I know what you mean - on my myspace page (yes, I'm ashamed) I have a picture posted of me and my guy, and the caption says, "The person I'm sleeping with"

    I want to get a nice thuggy pic of him in a wifebeater looking mean and say something like, "My dom" or "I eat his cum" or "Rescue me from him" HAHAHAHA

  2. Because, sadly, the Puritans still run this country from beyond the grave. I had the same problem when I was seeing my current fiance but still living and sleeping with my ex. Good times.