Sunday, November 25, 2007


I've attempted doggy-style (that's an icky name, by the way) sex with three different men and not one has succeeded. I'm not sure why. Am I doing it wrong? Or is it possible to just have anatomy that doesn't work that way?

Lots of other positions, including some fairly tangled ones, don't do me wrong. It's just that I really like the idea of being on my hands and knees with a man seizing me from behind... and not the part where he goes "uh, honey, I can't get it in from here."

(The physical problem seems to be that no matter which way I put my hips, my vagina goes up and down instead of back to front. I can't tell if this is because I'm positioning myself wrong or because my vagina naturally points in a strange direction.)


  1. I have a hard time envisioning that properly, but, for what it's worth...

    Doggy-style done functionally doesn't look much like, well, screwing dogs. You have to get your hips waaaaaaay up at an acute angle, and have your knees spread fairly wide as well. You have to look like you're setting up for someone to punt a football off your ass. Getting it right means a position that opens you up before he even gets in there.

    Very, very deep penetration that way. If either guy is particularly well endowed, it can set up for some banging on your cervix.

  2. Doggy style =/= Wolfy style, apparently. Interesting.

    Get on email so we can plan January.

  3. LabRat- If you do a google image search on "doggy-style", by the second page you will be seeing actual dogs. :(

    But with your description, visual aids, and some fairly embarrassing floor exercises, I think I get the gist. Now I just have to get a guy into this...

    Bruno - Have done!

  4. Two words: "a belt." Put one on, let your guy get two hands on it and all your problems are solved.