Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Taming the fantasy (to death).

I want to be raped.

Okay, now, I don't want to be raped by a stranger, they might have diseases or something and they might smell funny and they might not be cute. So it should probably be someone I already know. Someone I'm already sleeping with, really.

And I don't care if it hurts a little but I'm not that good a masochist so I don't want it to hurt a lot, and I definitely don't want it to, you know, do damage. So I guess we could fight a little but when it comes to the actual fucking he should just be kinda rough. Of course I'll have no control over the situation because he'll be forcing me to bend to his will, but his will should be to fuck me good and hard but be very careful about it.

And the whole resisting thing I think might be creepy, so I won't overdo it. I'll just play at resisting a little bit, kinda wrestle with him, but make it real clear I'm giving in and I actually like it. Otherwise I'm just going to hurt both our feelings. Also I need a safeword of course, and if I have any little adjustments he needs to make in the middle of my rape he should listen to those. And afterwards we'll cuddle of course, just to reaffirm that it was all play and there's no hard feelings.

Oh yeah. I want to be raped.


  1. I guess I'm a regular commenter now.

    I laughed out loud at this. Well done.

  2. Well, good to have ya then, Scott.

    And thanks. I was just thinking about how a lot of women claim to have rape fantasies, but a lot of rapists look like this guy, and your typical ravished-by-a-dashing-rake scenario does not take that into account.

  3. Pretend rape is awesome! I've found it hard to act out the rape fantasy cuz the guys who are down with it I don't know too well and so I feel ill at ease, and the guys that really care for me aren't able to come through.

    I finally found a partner that worships AND dominates me, so he can handle the balance and give me what I want, which luckily is also what he wants. ;)

  4. Some of those convicts look like Holly's type, though. Consider this guy -- doesn't "incedent liberties" sound like a hot crime?

    This guy is pretty awesome, too.

  5. Four-year-dead post, but it's hard not to talk about successful fantasies.

    My husband and my girlfriend raped me, and it was AWESOME. We'd recently had a post-sex discussion of some of our socially taboo fantasies, and mine, despite my general dominance, is and has always been rape. So, some days later, they're goofing around and tickling me, a look passes between them, and they carry me to the bedroom. I'm damn tall, so the carrying was a touch awkward, but things evened out after they got me on the bed.

    We didn't plan it out beforehand, so it built up in a sort of feeling-it-out fashion. They'd planned, but they hadn't let me in on it. I had an inkling, having shared the fantasy, so I tried some struggles which soon, fed by their obvious, lecherous glee in restraining me, turned into near full-power bucking. They assumed a very Bonnie-and-Clyde dynamic, two lovers who get off on breaking in and raping a woman together. They kissed each other, hurt me, forced my arousal, and finally got me off with one of my own toys.

    They only ever broke character once, to double check and make sure I was good with this, and reconnected after with some fully affection fucking. It was a FASCINATING experience; both arousing and changing. My struggles, my "character's" revulsion with what was happening turned into an honest physical reaction, flinching away when they'd lick my neck and being near tears when I lapsed into submission. The suspension of disbelief you have to use in fantasy acting got a hell of a lot easier to pull off.

    It was FUN.