Saturday, May 31, 2008

Everyone thinks they're normal.

I was talking with a male friend once and we were joking about Viagra.

"If an erection persists for four hours..." he said, "Fuck that shit! If I have an erection for more than fifteen minutes I'm going to the damn ER!"

I didn't say anything rude. But I might have made a sound. And I sort of looked at him.

"Um, maybe like half an hour then," he said quietly.


  1. I know I'm abnormal -- the question has always been how much of an outlier I am.

  2. *grins* Everyones different. I mean, I've got a friend that has to fuck - straight fuck - for an hour before he can cum. He's actually trying to learn to cum quicker so he and his wife can acutally have quickies! heh.