Wednesday, May 7, 2008

This is what happens when you go off the pill.

Fuck, I can't understand any complex feminist issues because I'm too fucking horny! I was reading blogs with this talk about "rape culture" and "enthusiasm not consent" and all I can think about is how enthusiastic I'd be with most anybody (okay, anybody cute) right now! I spent all day looking at random dudes on the street and wondering if I just pulled over and told them how horny I was how many fucks I could get. There was one tall blond guy in a tie I woulda paid.

This is crude and dehumanizing to me and the men ("hey bro, you've got a dick and you're not ugly, fulfill my needs!"), it's pointless and I know my horniness eyes are bigger than my emotions stomach anyway. It's the way I've been feeling all day today.

(Also, I'm breaking out like a teenager. Cripes.)

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  1. If not for the worry of STDs (not to mention the possibility of getting a whack-job), I'd be curious to see how many guys a woman could get by accosting random men on the street...