Friday, February 6, 2009


Add to my list of Underappreciated Sex Acts: dry humping! (Also to my list of poorly named sex acts. I guess Soggy Humping was a little too on-the-nose.) Surgery and I were dry humping the other night and it made me realize I haven't had a proper hump since I was a teenager.

There's something wonderfully spontaneous, almost subversive, about a sex act that you can do with your jeans on. (Or, for an interestingly strip-club-esque, submissive-ish experience, my naked ass grinding on his jeans.) It doesn't get me or Surgery entirely off, but it gets us to that place where the breathing changes and the eyes unfocus. It's a lot of work but the sweat just becomes part of the fun. And it's just so... tactile! All over.

It's hard not to giggle a little. That's okay. You stop giggling when you start moaning.

In conclusion, we will not appreciate dry humping until there is a threat on the dry hump supply, but dry humping is AWESOME!!


  1. Ah dry-humping! What delightful memories. The first real date-ish thing I had with my Sweety Lovelove, we spent HOURS dry-(ahem)humping in the parking lot. Its such a delightful, juvenile, exuberant thing to do. Sort of like a deep-fried appetizer, which though not entirely satisfying in and of itself, is still delicious. I'm not sure on what grounds, but I'm fairly certain that Twisty Faster would NOT approve.

    Also, I think the giggling is a very positive sign.

  2. Dry humping is totally fun. When.. uh.. my bf and I couldn't for awhile there, we definitely enjoyed the dry humping. It was hot and horribly frustrating. Delicious, and yet, not enough. heh. A lovely tease.

  3. What problem could Twisty have with dry anything? There's no penetration, no deposit of fluids . . . . nobody gets treated like a toilet in any way.

    Although I do feel the need to point out that if sex with your wife is anything like anything you do with your toilet, you might be doing one or the other wrong.

  4. Agreed. Worst. Name. Ever.

    In a lot of ways I enjoy it even more than... wet humping? In part exactly because of how close you can get without actually getting all the way there.

    Good call, Holly,


  5. Dry humping - I'm a fan. It's a lot of fun.