Sunday, February 1, 2009


I would be tangled up with a naked Surgery right now if not for the frickin' Superbowl.

Stupid football.



  1. I heard there was a football game today, but as I understand it, the Chicago Bears are not playing in it.

    So I went ice fishing with my dad and my kids instead. We actually did end up watching part of the game at dad's house, but we had fresh bluegill fillets while we did.

    And seriously, a guy in Seattle who turns down sex to watch Phoenix play football against Pittsburgh should probably sit down and review his priorities.

  2. Don Gwinn - Well, as neither the Seahawks nor the Patriots were in it, I didn't even bother to find a TV, but I spent most of the day catching up on severely procrastinated homework instead. So now I know a lot about bones, I guess. Did you know that every goddamn bump on every goddamn bone in the goddamn body has a goddamn name? And I'm supposed to know them by Wednesday.

  3. Also: I cannot believe it took me this long to realize that you're wearing Jayne's hat! Awesome.

  4. There was football today? Huh.

  5. Pretty cunning, ain't it?

    My wife learned to knit so she could knit me this hat for Christmas awhile ago (it's not just the picture, I'm actually wearing it. Always.)