Saturday, January 31, 2009

Talk about privilege.

Something just struck me as incredibly funny about that last post.

Here is a writer blogging about a legal change that will provide family planning to impoverished women around the world... and she's angry because the wording wasn't nice enough.

Good Lord, you wanna talk about "privileged?" You want some fucking PRIVILEGE?

I can't think of anything more comfy and rich and privileged than this "ooh, I don't even care about substantive international aid unless it's couched in my preferred rhetoric" shit. I mean, what better way to tip your hand that you don't really care about the women affected by this?


  1. Holly, I read through her rant. And I tried, I REALLY did, to read through the comments.

    I'll be honest, I'd have no problems treating her as equal to any male. Of course, if any male directed that amount of anger at me, they'd (eventually) pick themselves up off the floor...

  2. Unrelated:

  3. Bruno - It's broked! All the pins are offset into the ocean or weird places I don't think you meant them! :(

    William - I wouldn't say that. Twisty Faster is just a terrible, crazy feminist with an inexplicably enormous following of people who never substantively disagree with her.

  4. Bruno: here's mine, see if it works (I only did green pins because I'll try most things and I don't think a writhing sea of purple would be informative):

  5. Yep -- apparently my link broked. It wasn't very interesting anyway.

    But I'm surprised that with all those toys at your ("professional") disposal, you've never played doctor.

  6. Bruno - It's just not my thing. Also, I don't really want to cross the "work" and "sex" wires, in either direction.

    Also, the toys I have at work would need to be boiled in industrial disinfectant for a week before I'd let them touch my nice clean crotch.

  7. Bruno - I'm not sure what you're saying there. I don't have any crotch diseases and I shower and shave regularly. My crotch is the picture of cleanliness, thank you very much. You could practically eat off it.