Saturday, January 24, 2009

Grain of truth after all.

You know, with all the people out there claiming that there are no physical signs of virginity, that nonvirgins can have intact hymens that just stretch and most virgins lose it on horses or bike seats or something and "the ol' bloody sheet" is just a ludicrous patriarchal myth...

I was downright surprised when I lost my virginity and my hymen tore and I bled. How politically incorrect of my vagina!

(As always, I really do understand that Holly ≠ The World and your hymen-mileage will vary. I'm sure that the first twenty comments on this post will be "my hymen didn't do anything like that!" and I'm not doubting you. I just think it's funny when a myth gets debunked so vociferously that people forget that it's not always wrong.)

Note: These thoughts came out of reading discussion on this article, which is soooo fake. For starters, I want some explanation on how a woman who looks like that (although the pose and photoshop do sorta suggest that she doesn't) and doesn't feel prostitution goes against her morals got to age 22 without losin' it. Also I want to know where these mysterious billionaires always come from, and how someone gets to have $3.8 million without having any common sense.


  1. If he sticks in in her ass, she can stay a virgin!

  2. I was prepared to possibly bleed when I lost my virginity, I was surprised by how MUCH I bled-- especially considering that I'd had an accident with a cabinet door as a child and fully expected to have done enough damage then to not have it there to break now. I was reading an article recently that suggested women won't bleed if they wait longer to lose their virginity... I was 25, so I'm not seeing that either.

  3. I've never been involved in, or proximate to, the, erm... deflowering of a vagina, so I have no insight to add there. The whole 'Natalie Dylan' virginity auction struck me immediately as a load of bs, straight out of some Conde Nast rag. The only question I have is how it ended up getting so much national press. If, however, you locate any of these mysterious and gullible billionaires, please be so kind as to send at least one my way...

  4. I have a darn stubborn hymen. I'm approaching 40 and haven't managed to psych myself up for PIV. Took me a few years of careful work with small tampons to get where a finger could make any headway. Fortunately my partner has a fetish that doesn't rely on PIV. (He certainly wouldn't turn it down as an occasional opportunity, but the 'main event' for him doesn't require that)

    Right now if I tried PIV there would definitely be ripping and blood. (And while I have kinks, pain isn't in there so I'm not rushing right out excited to have that happen)