Friday, January 30, 2009

Posting from work via iPod, very naughty!

I have huuuge bruises on my inner thighs. (Pics later maybe.) Date with Surgery this weekend. I wonder if I can sneak them past Surgery or if I should postpone him or make up some kind of wacky "I fell on a rock... with my crotch" story. I know honesty is the correct answer but we're hardly close and I think it would spook him. Especially if I mentioned the crying.


  1. No need to explain the crying, but you have to be honest that you're (sometimes) a hittyslut.

  2. Bruno - Eventually? I kinda don't want to sock him with it all five minutes after we start sleeping together.

    (Arguably I should've done it five minutes before, but feh. If this goes to Relationshiptown, there's still a window to semi-honorably say "before we get serious, I have to tell you...")

  3. I guess my .0002 would be to be fairly honest if he asks: you got the bruises from a kinky sex session. (if you're going to continue foolin' around with surgery, the issue IS going to come up, "relationship" or no). No need for details, I don't think.

    I wish I could post from MY ipod.