Sunday, January 25, 2009

Surgical Tech.

(You see an emergency room. I see a man farm.)

Well, after the disappointment of the munch I went out and spent some quality time with a friend and it made me feel much better. He's not kinky, so if he can't be perverted that might impair the long-term potential, but good Lord is he cute. Entirely out of my league. He's very Seattle, if you know what I mean--pale skin, spiky hair, indie-band sideburns, puppylike earnestness. All he's missing is the goatee.

(He's about one million hundred times cuter than the least objectionable person at the munch.)

So we had normal but quite passionate sex quite a few times in a row, and wow do I feel good right now. I needed that. It was respectful and emotionally uncomplicated and he was so freakin' cute.

He's got one of those weird sub-fetishes everyone has--things that aren't on the official Fetish List and aren't truly freaky but just very individual--for whatever reason, all his Happy Places are above the shoulders. He kept saying things like "I want your tongue in my mouth," "touch my neck," "play with my ear." Well all righty then. Tell me where your buttons are, and I will press the fuck out of them.

He's good with his hands. And his mouth; I don't usually like cunnilingus that much, but some men just know what they're doing and he was one of them. He had me on the edge of the bed with my back to the wall and almost crawling up it as he worked on me with his lips and tongue and just a bit of teeth.

We've agreed that we are totally going to do this again sometime.


  1. Sounds just delightful! Inquiring minds want to know... is this a simple, uncomplicated fuck-buddy situation, or is there potential for deeper emotional entanglement?

  2. Lawrence - Dunno. It wasn't "I don't even want to know your name" detached, but then again it wasn't "oh snugglebunnies this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship" either. Too soon to call.

  3. He's not kinky, so if he can't be perverted that might impair the long-term potential

    I hope for your sake you don't drop this guy simply because he won't beat you up. If sex with him becomes boring and unpleasant, that's a different case.

  4. GreenEarth - The problem is, in my past experiences at least, that's the same thing.

  5. I guess I wonder: is he Not Kinky in that he specifically told you that his favorite flavor is vanilla? or has he just not yet explored the Darker Places of his Sexuality? Does he know that you like being hog-tied and mistreated? And would he be willing to learn?

  6. Lawrence - The current answer to all questions is I just don't know yet.