Sunday, January 11, 2009

Just another lazy Sunday afternoon.

Dear diary,

Today I shaved a very hairy man's entire body (excepting obviously head and forearms). I'm not sure if it was exactly sexy but it was terribly satisfying. He looked much better after.

He's gonna itch so bad in a couple days.

Also we had weird sex.



  1. I wouldn't go so far as to call myself a particularly hairy man, but you just hit on the exact reason I've never tried shaving my pubes. For one thing, where do you stop? You can't just shave the pubic area, because then you have this bald triangle between your hairy legs and hairy tummy. More importantly (as I know from abortive beard-growing attempts) if you don't keep up with the shaving, the itching is INSANE.

    Anyway, hope the weird sex was GOOD weird sex.

  2. Lawrence - I'm a compulsive hair remover and if I were a man my answer to the bald-crotch-hairy-tummy conundrum would be simple: get it ALL! And it won't itch if you get it all every day!

    Body hair traps sweat and smells terrible and feels gross. It's horrible to have and wonderful to remove. I don't think I can budge on these opinions.

    It was okay. I got mine nicely several times, but he got kinda neurotic about getting his. "No no no, it isn't perfect, I can't relax unless it's exactly as I describe... well now it isn't spontaneous!" Ah well, his problem.

  3. I've been tempted to rip out the hedges, but never got around to it due to fear of what women might think. Some will like it, of course, but others might think it's skeevy -- either because I'm a little too self-conscious or because I'm planning a little too far ahead.

  4. Bruno - I say go for it, but I am not a good representative of Respectable Women nor of the human race.

    I will say that not getting hairs in one's teeth adds a tremendous comfort factor, if you know what I'm sayin'.

  5. Holly--

    Word. If I wanted to floss, I'd floss.

  6. Holly - Amen. I'm glad I'm not a particularly hairy guy. I've found a couple of women who've been pretty pleasantly surprised that I shave, too. Granted, one of them was that psycho who punched me in the head during sex...

  7. You don't need to go completely bald when you start manscaping. I'm a hairy guy, and find a #1 guard on the clippers for in front and above works great then tidy up as you feel comfortable. (be careful hair clippers will nick the softer skin - they make better clippers/razors for the more sensitive areas).

    Clippers and razors on the back just don't work well. Get some help and Nair the larger sections (or Veet).

    I have tattoos, so started lasering the hair off (before getting inked), and it works nicely.

  8. Trim up the pubes a bit (floss?), but the rest of a man's body I LOVE to be hairy. Call me crazy, but I adore the feeling of running my fingers through a guy's chest and back hair.