Monday, January 26, 2009

Search Term Bonanza!

When I don't feel like writing an entry, I have Google Analytics there to write it for me! Well, Google Analytics and a surprising number of anonymous crazy people.

what happens if you swallow cum
There were roughly a gazillion searches on this so I just want to say:
Absolutely nothing happens if you swallow come except that whoop, you swallowed some come. You're not going to gain weight (duh), you're not going to get pregnant (duhhhh), you're probably not going to get an STD but you could, although the swallowing isn't much higher risk than the unprotected blowjob was to begin with.

Oh, unless you mean what happens to your relationship, in which case, cripes, I dunno. Depends on the dude I guess; if he's a dumbfuck he'll think you're some sort of gross slut and if he's a normal guy he'll tell you whether he enjoyed it and ask if you did and you can go forward from there.

I think I've covered all the possibilities of this complex issue.

nose cum
You think that's a new idea, but it's snot.

"coccygeal nerve" or "coccygeal plexus" furry
This is... highly specific. I'd kind of like to meet this person.

drew hates the cum swallow
No he doesn't.

eating cum will make you become a goddess
Although probably not Artemis.

i don't tell you to swallow shit, i won't swallow cum
Your logic fails to impress.

if you swallow cum do you gain pounds
If you swallow pounds of it, I guess.

why you call someone "lame"?
1) Because they totally are.
2) Because they started it.
3) Because they started it with a friend of mine, and although I don't actually have anything personally against them, my Petty Online Pitbull services were engaged.
4) Because I thought it would be funny.
5) Because I wasn't popular enough in high school.
6) Because sometimes I drink and blog.

i can't cum even after hours
Gosh, I don't usually start trying until after hours. It's called professionalism, people!

i don't know the emoticon for "i don't swallow"

what does a silver bullet sexual toy do
It goes like zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

can you get pregnant by swallowing a little bit of cum
Of course not! That's silly! You can only get pregnant if you swallow a significant amount of come!

You know, through the uterus in your mouth.


  1. can you get pregnant by swallowing a little bit of cum

    My brain hurts now.

  2. Classless - She's a virgin goddess. I s'pose you could swallow come and remain a technical virgin, but it just doesn't seem like the sort of thing she'd do.

  3. Ah, I wasn't aware you fully classify her as virgin which she only became after a certain transformation process. Originally she was more something like a vamp leader of women hunters, not subdueing to male domination, highly taken with herbs (drugs) and celebrations. Most of the religious admiration consisted of ritual orgies f.e. at the Artemision in Ephesos which served as a temple, a tavern, a bath house, and a bank all at once.

    The makeover process resulting in the virgin figure had probably something to do with competition: the Christians started promoting the Virgin Mary right at Ephesos, the Artemis "capital". Obviously, Mary (clean, submissive and pure) worked as the antithesis to Artemis (dirty, supreme and voluptuous), yet in the process of religious competition Artemis herself became cleaner, and the myths about how she wouldn't subdue to men became myths about her being generally untouchable.

    Um, thus the question.

  4. not: "women hunters", must be: "female hunters" - sorry!