Thursday, January 15, 2009

Arguments that are not good enough.

Man, I hate it when people answer "homosexuality is wrong" with "homosexuality isn't a choice." I believe that that's true--hell, if it were a choice, there are millions of people who could make their lives a whole lot easier and safer by simply choosing the opposite sex--but on another level, I believe it shouldn't matter. I want to be able to answer, "if being gay was a choice, it still wouldn't be wrong."

Likewise, I hate it when people answer "Plan B is wrong" with "but what about rape or broken condoms?" I want to be able to answer "No, no it's not. Even if I was sober and consenting and just plum decided to have unprotected sex, it wasn't wrong. I may be stupid, but I'm not wrong."

Don't make excuses for something you don't need to apologize for.


  1. I agree. I think this is a little like the people who say they want to keep abortion legal, but blanch at the words 'on demand abortion' and say that abortion is awful and should be kept to a minimum. How about its none of your damn business? (it is certainly awful: gut-wrenching for the woman [and hopefully the man too], and no less so for the pro-choice protesters. but still none of anyone's damn business but the pregnant woman and her doctor. And maybe the sperm donor.)

    Ditto for gayness: a choice or genetics, or whatever -- Where and how a person likes to (consensually) get off is none of anyone else's damn business.

  2. And, don't forget, that a lot of the Book of Judges follows the theme "Israel sins, bad things happen politically, Israel repents, good things happen politically." If you believe this world view, people being gay will offend God who will smite the country that allows the offense to happen. For folks that hold these views, homosexuality is not just a sin, it is a sin that will cause harm to the country and harm TO THEM. That's why they see it as their business.

    Now, if folks are born that way, like handedness or hair colour, God made them that way, and then God won't destroy the society that tolerates them.

    It is wierd, but it exists.

  3. Also, just because somebody doesn't have a choice about doing something doesn't make that thing right. It's not right for someone who's mentally unstable to kill someone, for instance; but the mentally unstable person would probably be punished less.

  4. Seriously, thanks a lot. Now we're gonna get sold to the Midianites.