Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cute Coworker Continues to Confuse.

So now there's hugging. Hugging has to be beyond the pale, right? I mean, you don't just come up with flimsy excuses to hug a girl unless you're attracted, right?

He even smells good.


  1. just do it already. he totally wants you.

  2. Hugging is definitely beyond the pale at work, he either wants you and doesn't/can't say it. Or he has no knowledge of boundaries. If he was generally huggy with other women at work, he probably would have been smacked with a lawsuit by now.

    End analysis...
    Jump him. Fuck his brains out.

  3. I hugged a coworker platonically at a time of crisis when she was crying. Other than that, I don't hug 'em because I don't want them to think I want do them.

    Because if he's hugging you, he wants to do you.

  4. I think that Holly has gotten so worked up by the possibility of sex with this guy that the actual deed itself may turn out to be a huge letdown.

  5. Keith - How about hugging me because I jokingly whined about having to work on my birthday (in November!) and I clearly "needed a hug"? I find that flimsy.

    Bob - Ohmigosh no. I've been in situations like this before where I crushed on a guy for months before moving in, and it was always spectacularly worth the wait.

    'Sides, even in the face of overwhelming evidence I remain slightly unconvinced this'll ever happen.

  6. Heh. Just tell him that your still sad about having to work and are going to need allot more than a hug!

    Disclaimer: Never follow my advice. It would be like Space Marines getting military advice from Boy Scouts.