Tuesday, March 3, 2009

*the noise the dog makes when you throw a treat on the floor but tell her to stay*

Cute Coworker: "I think everyone's got some kind of secret fetish, right?"
Me: "Well, apparently you do."

So we laughed it off and sort of awkwardly changed subjects, but dammit.


But timid! Rrrgh. And maybe with good reason since yes or no it would create an awkward situation, but... waaaant. I'm spending eight hours a day in an enclosed space talking about sex with an attractive single man and I can't figure out how to make the move! I'm going to explode.

Maybe I should just, I dunno, fuck someone who looks just like him. Maybe that would help. "SWF seeks 5'10"ish, 220ish blondish male with squarish face, slightly neurotic personality, and self-deprecating sense of humor for projection, displacement, hawt sex. Must be willing to answer to a slightly different name, wear loaned clothes. NSA."

EDIT: Shit... that description fits a couple people. Maybe I have a type.


  1. Damn, I'm only 5'7".

  2. And now, for actual advice. I'd stay away from even trying for it; this is a level of awkward that you probably honestly couldn't imagine. (Trust me. I couldn't imagine how awkward it was before I hooked up with a chick that works in the kitchen at my bar, and now it's like holy hell, we can't meet eyes.)

  3. You know... there's nothing wrong with having a type... I have two... both mutually ezclusive, but both uniformly make me weak in the knees. It doesn't mean I've ever excluded men that didn't fit, it just means, overall, that's usually what the men I want are going to look like/be like. *shrugs*

  4. Drew - It's okay, we'll put ya in tall boots. It's not like you're going to be standing up for most of this anyway...

    And sigh, you're probably right. Maybe the best thing to do is just wait until the company splits us up (probably a matter of weeks as that damn place is always playing Musical Chairs) and then get all "so what are you doing after work... hm, how about my vagina?"

    Maja - Yeah, here too. I have, like, five types. And I've gotten with lots of guys who weren't any of them anyway.

  5. HOT.

    Honestly...I don't know how much I'd recommend it even when they split you up. But I'm gun-shy about getting frisky with people I work with anyway. See also earlier example. But YMMV, and you and him might be able to avoid the whole "mmm, awkward" thing.

  6. There are people who can do it, and there are people who can't. I got together with a friend/co-worker at the Christmas party one year. She treated me awkwardly for a few days, but when I wasn't awkward about it, she got over it.

    It's like poly... for some people, it just cannot work without all the drama.