Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Magical Butt Clench.

If I clench my glutes together very hard, it causes a really pleasurable sensation. It's too tight and awkward a contraction to sustain for long, and clenching and unclenching doesn't really have a useful effect. But god damn that moment when it works is good. It's weirdly like being penetrated, a very deep feeling somewhere I definitely can't reach with my fingers.

Can anyone else do this? (For me it seems to work best if I'm standing with my legs about shoulder width apart, it doesn't work as well when I'm sitting in a chair.) Does anyone know what's going on anatomically?


  1. While you're doing that you're also tightening your pelvic floor muscles, and those contract during orgasm. Some folks can actually have an orgasm by muscular contractions in that area. It helps to be really young, fit, and horny, something I haven't been for years. I did it once in 1980.

  2. It helps me crack my hips, that's all I know. :D I suspect this may be a different "pleasurable sensation" than what you're referring to.

  3. Your butt muscles are still part of the rest of your pelvic floor, & all of those muscles are connected. You may not be trying to, but you're bordering on doing a kegel when you clench like that.

    You could clench your butt muscles while doing a kegel, of course.

    Similarly there are some muscles in your thighs where if you work them you'll be working the rest of the pelvic floor. I don't actually own a thigh master, but in my head it's something similar.

  4. Oooh man. I know what you mean. I clench up my thights, butt, and vaginal muscles up tight and it's fucking awesome. Lasts for only about 1-2 seconds, but it's good.

    Heh. Sometimes when I'm having a bad day, and I'm dealing with an important customer or my boss I do it and it keeps a smile on my face long enough to get the job done...

    Never orgasmed from it. But it feels GRRREAT!

  5. I can do it sitting down :) And yeah, I'm pretty sure it's a pelvic floor muscle thing. At least, if it isn't, then what I'm doing is not the same as what you're doing. I use those muscles a lot when I masturbate, and I masturbate a lot, so they get a lot of practice. I've never orgasmed from just that, though.

  6. I find laying on my stomach and clenching my butt muscles sends a nice warm sensation into my clit and outer vag ;) very great feeling almost brings me to orgasm but not quite - I'm also very horny :p