Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The five basic Pervocracy posts.

1. This person on the Internet/in a magazine is a jerk and a moron! It's pretty obvious from the start, but let me explain exactly why in a ranty and condescending manner.

2. I found another thing that gives me orgasms! Let's add it to the list right after "the scent of bookbinding glue" and "accidentally elbowing a stranger in an elevator."

(2a. Hey look, my sexual organs! LOOK.)

3. Waaah, I'm not pretty enough, I haven't gotten laid in like an entire week, wahh! Comments from people who haven't been laid in 28 years are inevitable on these.

4. I like a guy romantically, and it's making me just a little insecure! Or just a little clinically insane.

5. I have an extremely popular political position that 98% of my readers will share! I shall argue my case as if this were a pitched debate.

(Edit/Explanation: When I started this blog, there was a lot of newness in my sex life--not necessarily in acts or partners, but in ways of thinking about it. I was able to see a lot of different angles on fucking, and that was what I really wanted this blog to be about. So although I won't stop it entirely, I'm a little frustrated by the way the snarky/livejournaly cheap posts have come to predominate. Cosmocking is funny, ranting gets interesting comments, but I want to think and write things that are constructive and new. This is kind of my little note-to-self about that.)

(And what is it but a livejournaly snark on myself? Sheesh...)


  1. Umm... sorta hate to ask... did someone kick you in the ovaries? (I'd normally say nuts, but that won't work with you)

  2. "I have an extremely popular political position that 98% of my readers will share! I shall argue my case as if this were a pitched debate."

    Don't sell yourself short, Holly. Your readers might share your opinion only after you argue your case. I've learned quite a lot from you, and even unlearned a couple of things I thought I knew but was wrong about.

    That doesn't mean you're obliged to keep posting. You should only do it as long as it's interesting to *you.* But, again, don't sell yourself short -- you're pretty interesting.

    Oh, and finally? Some of the topics you touch on need to be said over, and over, and over. What's fun about reading you is even when you cover a topic that's been done you're pretty good at keeping it fresh.

    Just saying,



  3. Holly,
    Your blog is all these things (1-5) and more. Which is fine by me, I enjoy reading the stuff. Here's the thing though: you write well, which is more than 98% of the bloggers out there can say. You've got real talent in the writing department, and your posts are consistently a treat. So please, don't stop. Faster, Harder, Oh Yah Baby just like that!

  4. Yeah. And we keep coming back. ;)

  5. Aw, thanks guys, I'm not quitting or self-flagellating, I'm just trying to stir myself up a tiny bit.

  6. I've always enjoyed your site and honestly, this blog was a pretty decent contributor to why I started mine just recently. So don't worry I love it and you're kind of my blogging hero!

  7. I WISH my blog were 98% long science essays, but I just don't have the energy or inspiration for it.

    Which is why you can pretty much picture question marks over my head where something I regard as my worst descent into look-at-me filler ever gets forty commments.

  8. Well, everyone likes ketchup.

  9. I don't like ketchup... but I do love your blog :)

    Don't beat yourself up, Holly... you know you like it better when someone else does it anyway ;)


  10. Dude you're a good read. Keep doing all of it.