Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I was at Jamba Juice on a lunch break and these three teenage girls came in. They were clearly under 18, probably 16 or 15, and judging from their manner of speech, their total freedom in the middle of a weekday, and their general attitudes, seemed to be from a pretty crass-wealthy "moooom, I wanted a red BMW, I hate you mom" social class. (Seattle readers: they were from Bellevue.)

And their outfits. I've seen girls out under the streetlights on Pac Highway who left more to the imagination. It was all nice, new-looking, designery stuff, but Jesus. Two of the skirts were up ta here and the other one was thong-revealingly sheer. All of the tops showed more cleavage than I even had when I was that age and one of them performed the amazing feat of showing topboob, underboob, and sideboob all at once. I don't mean to be "you kids get off my lawn" about this, but these outfits gave me the uncomfortable feeling that I was looking at porn in public. And kiddy porn at that. The girls had no boys with them and were pretty much wrapped up in chatting with each other, I'm not sure if they even intended to meet boys that day or they just wanted to go out looking snappy.

The funny thing is, when I was their age, I was having shit-tons of sex. I was wearing t-shirts and jeans and knee-length skirts and unisex sweatshirts and getting laid all the time. (With geeks, sure, but geek sex is the best kind. Boys can be sexier than they look too.) I was starting to become a real freak in bed, but to look at me, to hear me talk and the way I acted at parties and meeting guys, I wasn't a slut. I was a geeky, practical, rather plain girl who loved to fuck.

Not that looking and acting slutty is a bad thing, necessarily. With girls so young I do worry a bit if they know exactly what they're doing, but eh, they probably do. It's their choice, it's how they have fun, and dammit, it's their right as women and as humans to go out in public looking like tacky sexbots.

I just find it ironic that the appearance of "sexiness" has so little to do with actual sexuality. It's easy to look at them and worry about the kids these days, but I'm only a couple years since being a kid those days, and I know damn well that churchgirl skirts pull up just as fast as micro-minis and just as often.


  1. Your dichotomy is interesting!

    I, too, prefer the less obvious, but I attribute that to how hot the "Madonna/whore" thing is to me.

  2. GoGoZRX - It's not a dichotomy, though. It's more an explanation of how you can't divide girls into sluts and good girls by looking at them.

  3. "one of them performed the amazing feat of showing topboob, underboob, and sideboob all at once"

    I want to know what the hell kind of shirt does that. o_O

  4. How do male sluts stereotypically dress?

  5. Bruno: as all males are culturally assumed by default to be sluts, there is no standard uniform.

  6. These are the same girls who will, throughout their entire lives, use sex for power and superiority over men (and other women) instead of for pleasure.

  7. I totally agree with what you were saying. In highschool I never dressed the part of a whore, but when my football player boyfriend and I were alone you couldn't tell me I wasn't the dirtiest girl around. I loved sex, sucking dick, and porn! And college was worse. Again, you would never know that by what I wore. I know plenty of girls & women who dress like "sluts" because they feel they have something to prove. The old adage, "you can't judge a book by its cover" still holds true!

  8. Anonymous - Picture a top open so wide it only covers the outer edges of the boobs, with a very small bra underneath providing bare-minimum nipple coverage.

    Bruno - Popped collar.

    Jim - Wow, you sure can tell a lot from an outfit.

    If they were 30, I'd give you a little more credence, but at 15 your identity is so malleable, some of these girls are going to completely change and look back and laugh.

    The "power over men through sex" thing is so overrated anyway. Women like sex too much to withhold it for the sake of a game, and (most) men don't put up with infinite bullshit just to get laid.

  9. So true about "sexiness" not necessarily equating with sexuality.

    I remember a Paris Hilton quote from a few years back, where she said something like "People think I sleep around a lot but I don't - guys tell me that I'm sexy, but not sexual".

    Ah, Paris, sometimes you are wiser than you appear.

  10. Their definition of a good boyfriend is a subversive dope who’ll keep taking punches and apologise for it. i’m in the process of cutting out my heart. my girlfriend has accused me of giving her spots on her vagina and is adament that ive been cheating.

  11. Wow. I just found your blog, it's awesome. Espescially Cosmocking, but everything else too! After reading this post I'm really beginning to believe You and I are the same person...except that I live on another continent (and English isn't my mother tongue). I just hope I don't sound too creepy or anything :D

    Just keep up the good work! And also, really, thank you for existing! Some how knowing there are at least somewhat sensible people (errr. similar to me) makes life a tiny bit better, even if they are very far away..

  12. Seattle readers? I live in Sydney, Australia and even I know what Bellevue is like :P