Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pervocracy Stew.

How long has it been since I last posted fun pictures? Too long!

So for your brief amusement, my butt, my boobs and pinchy things and hooray for nakey!

And a brief link, which I won't try your patience by fully eviscerating: Twisty Faster on what the "revolution" actually entails. Basically that we'd stop having families and being feminine (because only men want that, we all really want to be hairy and alone) and therefore all of civilization would restructure itself and religion and economy and government would crumble. (We want that too.)

And a weirder link, to something that's probably a great idea but you'd look so painfully ridiculous: Fleshlight cushions! Just plug it in and go to town like you were really having sex with a small square mattress-person! I think it's brilliant.

And a programming note: I'll be at the Kinky Crafters' Munch from 3-6 PM at the CSPC today, so if you're in Seattle and want to meet a real-life Holly Pervocracy, come say hi. (There's a $5 suggested donation for the event, membership not required, 18+ obviously.)

EDIT: Durrr. Fixed Twisty link.


  1. There's no link to her post; it's another link to your last picture. Unless that's a joke of some sort?

  2. Yay for cowboy nakey!

    The Fleshlight site squicked me a bit with its focus on "training." A thrust counter? Really?

  3. Dayum you look good

  4. you have a wonderful body! oh your lucky lovers.

  5. "Optional saddle bag."

    I laughed.

  6. Jinkies it's the bare-naked bandit!

  7. I read frequently, but seldom post, but I *have* to say - the bandanna in Nakey Picture #3? Made Of Win, I am telling you.

    Naked bank robbers of the world, unite!

    -goes back to lurking-

  8. Okay, seriously? You have no business being insecure in your body. You is _gaw_gee-ous! :D

  9. A chicken in every pot (and someone else to serve it), a horse in every stable. Bless Twisty; she never changes.