Thursday, October 22, 2009

Worth 1000 words.

(With thanks to Unix-Jedi by way of LabRat.)


  1. Explain. Please?
    (i.e.: what is the news story associated with this picture)

  2. I keep staring at it. It's so awesome. A guy, in a "Fuck Patriarchy" shirt emblazoned with two female signs with fists...and a peace sign armband...and something gray with sparkly sequin trim at the waist and i think he may be wearing a skirt. Also looks like red velvet sleeves he's got going on.

    At the same time he's still obviously masculine, some kind of shaving going on in his hair, and he's striking me as completely straight, not gay or trans.

    So this "fuck patriarchy" guy is being arrested by a female cop in a bike helmet. Cops stereotypically representing and reinforcing patriarchal modes in society. So this cop is in one sense maintaining patriarchy while simultaneously shattering it just by virtue of being herself and a cop.

    I can't explain it, but it's all kinds of awesome.

  3. Yes, and all 1000 of them are "Waaaaaugh!"

  4. J. Donne - Unfortunately, I don't know.

    Lynn - I don't think the cop is necessarily "maintaining patriarchy"--the guy is in trouble for something and it's not just wearing that shirt.

  5. Rrrgh. TinEye had nothing and Googling terms like "fuck patriarchy + police" gives me predictably unhelpful results.

    (One person had this posted as "arresting the flag burners", but I suspect they took it out of context, they didn't give any details on time or place or events.)

    I wish I could provide context for this, but I guess it'll just have to stand as a funny picture.

  6. I assumed he had a tinfoil belt to prevent radio-spectrum genital/pelvic manipulation by dark powers.

    I may need to take a break from the internet.

  7. The police officer in that photograph looks like she is conjuring up Orwellian double think. There is certainly the appearance of aggressively suppressed conflicted thinking.

  8. SadieT - Not everyone who gets arrested is innocent.

    Just because he was arrested wearing the shirt doesn't mean he was arrested for wearing the shirt, he might've just punched someone (maybe someone undeserving and weaker than him), you know?

  9. It's late, but the caption for this is "Officer Terri DeSilva arrests a protester at the CrimethInc. rally in Ashland, Oregon - June 2005" at In that case, it's not too incongruous to me. While I have one of their posters (Gender Subversion) and like it, CrimethInc. is not good news. (Their direct actions tend to get violent.)

    I still like the symbolism though.