Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Straight Pride World Wide!

Shorter Atomic_Fungus: "Straight pride is no better or worse than gay pride... EXCEPT IT'S WAY BETTER BECAUSE GAYS ARE DISEASED PEDO PERVS."

(I wrote quite a screed of a comment, which I'll repost here if they delete it there.)

EDIT: His head a splode.

"No, you see gay people really are DIRTY DISGUSTING MOLESTING PERVERTS... but I'm very tolerant of them, so what are you even complaining about?"


  1. The more I think about that "gay people are a danger to the children" thing, the more pissed off I get about it.

    Many more assaults are made against girls than boys, and those against girls are almost always by men. So when you see "teh gay is bad because gay men are a danger to little boys", a rather nasty set of conclusions follows.

    If preying on children is just a consequence of one's orientation, then that means abuse of boys is a horrible crime against nature but abuse of girls is just kind of collateral damage of natural male heterosexuality. (Which ties rather uncomfortably back into that "barely legal" thing.)

  2. The thing about a person like that is that there is just no point arguing. Oh no he took you off his blog roll! You must be devastated.

  3. LabRat - I don't think people like him see gayness as like being straight, except with two dudes--I think it's this whole other thing from Mars that carries all kinds of crazy Martian baggage, and liking dudes is just one of the symptoms.

    (Lesbians? What the fuck is a "lesbian"? Someone who gets AIDS and molests kids less than straight people? But they still make me angry inside so I better not say anything either way.)

    Sugarmag - You know me and low-hanging targets, I just can't resist.

    But it's true, I just lost ones of hits, my blog will surely wither on the vine.

    (I really wonder why he added me in the first place?)

  4. Well Holly! Though I tolerate his right to have and hold an opinion, I don't, can't, wont approve of it.

    My stance on the matter is...
    They are okay as long as they don't bother me, then they are toast.

    Except for the persecution campaign waged by my Girlfriend's Girlfriend. I cherished that so much that I preserved the text messages, and cried when the voice mail messages vanished.

    I mean I was the only boy on teh block with my own Lesbian Nemesis.

    Unfortunately My Girlfriend was only a hobby Lesbian, and the nemesis wanted a full-on committed lesbian relationship. Plus she didn't have the stomach to escalate. She screamed at me a few times in public, and then the girlfriend clocked her.

    Four, Five weeks later, she finally figured out that I wasn't the obstacle in her plans.

    Personally I think people are a danger to children. Society is a collection of people after all....