Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I should really stop buying solo sex toys and porn. I always disappoint myself. I get all excited about the new Triple Whirring Butthole Stimulator With Real Grinding Action, and then I come in ten seconds. If I want to actually experience anything besides orgasm, I really have to stick to my hands and imagination.

Woe is me, huh?

(I've posted on this before, but: my sexual response cycle is completely different with a partner. I'm like another person. Still a rather responsive person, but with utterly different patterns of arousal and orgasm. I don't even want to be touched in the same places that I touch myself. The really interesting part is that if a partner is there psychologically but not physically--if he's ordering me over the phone or Internet what to do, or he's watching but not touching--my body goes into partner mode.)


  1. ...an inherent problem betwixt me and the Fleshlight, and another good reason not to drop two or three hundred bucks on a glorified yoga mat to mount one on: once one gets properly worked up to use the device, and does all the necessary preparation (lube, soak in hot water, butt plug, etc etc), the resulting pleasure (intense though it may be) can be measured in microseconds.

    Ditto, totally different experience solo as opposed to being with a partner.

  2. I'm usually the same way, but I tend to have more intense orgasms alone... so I've been working on getting myself to the point where "masturbation mode" is okay with a partner. It has been an interesting, exciting, and entirely worth-it endeavor.

  3. "Masturbation Mode" and "Partner Mode".

    Like a really, really kinky transformer. :D

  4. I am pretty hard to get off, so I almost always rely on assistive technology for my orgasms. It kind of creeps me out that I dream about masturbation sometimes, and those are the dreams where I will wake up having a regular orgasm. I may be actually masturbating in my sleep, but given how bad at it I am when I'm awake, I doubt it. It seems really sad to suck at masturbation. I also get very turned on when shopping for vibrators.