Sunday, November 22, 2009

Getting my night's worth.

There have been times that I haven't gotten further than a kiss that I've gone home with my head swimming with satisfaction and warm fuzzies, and times that I've full-on fucked and stayed the night and gone home feeling nothing but alone.

The real question to puzzle out here, though, is how much of each one is my own fault.


  1. Neither.

    Its just how you connected and responded to the other person. You've touched on a core issue, one that can't be described, analyzed, or really figured out... it just is. You ever meet someone you've hated at first sight? There is something that we read/feel off of other people.

    (Crap job at trying to articulate a thought, but hopefully you get the idea)

  2. My instinct is similar to Dan's: I don't see how blame is involved.

  3. What are you, some sort of universal socket now?

    I suspect that you feel satisfied generally when the relationship is satisfying, but not so when the relationship isn't. That's why for so many people, sex for the sake of sex tends towards being unfulfilling, but the kiss goodnight can fill one with satisfaction. It's all about what underlies the sex or the kiss that's truly important. The question you seem to be asking is "Is it real intimacy or just physical closeness?"