Monday, November 2, 2009

It's rude to say "Well, DUH."

Man, leaving Benny was about the best thing I ever did for myself.

Not just because of the little abuse incident, but because it shook me out of "meh, I have a play partner, sort of" complacency and kicked me back into the kinky world and all its wonders and annoyances. And because it stopped me buying into his ideas that casual sex is always lesser, that if you don't love someone you're supposed to kind of hate them. And because it stopped me thinking that his big dumb ass was the best I could do.

Sure, I don't have a regular Friday-night fuck anymore. What I have instead is freedom. Sometimes it's better to risk sleeping alone than to settle.


  1. Well put again. Although nights alone can be fun and relaxing. The hunt is also fun (for anyone... first time is always special).

  2. I am fairly recently divorced and I can relate. I am still relishing my freedom and definitely prefer it to a regular Friday night fuck. And yes, a Friday night alone can be very nice!

  3. Yeah, well, speak for yourselves. I have very little time or opportunity to get out and meet others and find the process of "the hunt" to be difficult and frustrating. As a result, I have sex once or twice a year though I would prefer every other day, have only one-night stands with strangers though I would prefer a regular companion, and with only men though I prefer women.

  4. Not Me - Desperation and entrapment both suck. There are better ways to live.

  5. Not Me, I know it must be tough out there, but you can't even find people of the right sex?
    That's harsh.

    Holly, you did good.

  6. Don - I'm semi-bi, so that issue's not as bad as it sounds like by itself, it's just that with all 3 issues taken together... but, you know, being hardly ever available and disabled might be making it near impossible to find anyone other than the really slutty types who are just looking for their next conquest. And while I'm sure they exist, I have yet to find any women who are like that.