Wednesday, November 4, 2009


R-71 passes. (By a narrow margin with not all votes entered, so I shouldn't count my chickens, but oh my how many chickens I have!) Washington can continue to have gay not-marriage, and The Children will just have to cope somehow.

Yay. I'll commence fornicating in the streets immediately.

Okay, "continue."


  1. But gay not-not-marriage appears to have gotten its ass rejected in Maine.


  2. Braaaiiins - Sadface indeed. What the fuck, Maine?

  3. So, Obama was defeated in Oregon, but he pulled it out in Maine?
    Mixed bag.


  4. In the long view, marriage will eventually happen between gay people all over and no one will think much about it anymore. The fits and starts of what you call "gay not-marriage" will be forgotten.

  5. Hey Holly - long time reader, first time poster. Congrats on your state not being stupid. As a cantankerous New Englander, I'm pissed at Maine for not only being idiotic and bigoted, but also for ruining the small moral superiority we had as a region over California.

    And Maine doesn't even have the Mormon Church to excuse its behavior!


  6. The state needs to not be in the marriage business.

  7. Oregon's weird. Despite being technically illegal, there are places where you can openly smoke weed and even the cops will ignore you. The place is generally considered to be stronghold for the democrats (though this has weakened a bit in the last few elections), and the conservatives tend more toward the freedom-loving libertarian type than the religious bible-thumpers. Yet outside of a few places like Portland and Eugene where there was considerable support, they still didn't go for gay marriage.

  8. Kristopher--.

    What makes marriage a legal contract undeserving of the protections of the state?

    (And don't start with "but it's a religious thing", because I'm not a Christian, thanks.)