Sunday, October 10, 2010

How to have sex on the Brooklyn Bridge.

(Note: Do not have sex on the Brooklyn Bridge. This is illegal, and if you are witnessed by nonconsenting people unethical, and just a fucking sketchy thing to do. I am not responsible for your actions or how the NYPD might feel about them.)

1. Timing is important.
Sprite and Rowdy and I had just spent the night at a fetish party; they had jackets over their shiny black fetishwear, and I'd taken the vest off my Girl Scout uniform. It was 5 AM on a Sunday morning, clear but cool, and though the car traffic was as bustling as ever on the bridge, we had the raised pedestrian path all to ourselves. We walked up from the Manhattan side to the midpoint without seeing a soul.

2. Have accomplices.
We were supposed to be attending an event up there, but due to some sort of complicated miscommunication the only other people who showed up were a kinky couple we'd met at the weekend's parties. We hung out a bit, talked, and then the man got out his flogger and his partner bent over and he flogged her right on top of the Brooklyn Bridge.

At which point I leaned over the railing, hiked my skirt up, and asked if I could have a few swats myself. Oh, and I could, and it was lovely.

And then at some point, after a little more fooling around and some just sitting and talking, at about 5:30 when there weren't even joggers out yet, they brought up the idea of having sex on top of the Brooklyn Bridge, and started egging us on. It didn't take much egging. They gave us a condom and stood lookout. (Although they were mostly just looking at us, which is not technically "lookout." Lookin, more like.)

3. Dress for success.
I was wearing a skirt (in the official Girl Scout colors, naturally) that I'd pinned up to be short for the party, and I took out the safety pins. It was long enough that I could mount up on Rowdy and only look like I was committing a little bit of PDA to passerby. On the "whoa kids, get a room" level, certainly, but not on a "whoa, they are literally having intercourse right there" level. Not completely obviously.

4. Work fast, but have fun.
Rowdy sat on a bench, unzipped his fly, and took out his cock. I straddled him, spread my skirt out, pulled my panties aside, and we kissed and rolled the condom on and I slid down on him.

And I took it all in. Yeah, yeah, that's what she said, but I mean the whole scene. The cars rushing below us, the East River black and quiet far below us, the chill of the wind, and the million lights of New York City glowing all around us. The kinksters watching us and snapping pictures. And Rowdy's cock, deep inside me as I ground down on his lap, gasping in pleasure.

We switched positions and he did me from behind, bent over the railing, looking down at the traffic. It was too cold and too furtive for either of us to finish, but it was good. We stopped and kissed and cuddled on the bench.

5. Finish with bagels.
As the sun came up over Brooklyn, we ate bagels on the bridge. Yum.


  1. HAHAHAHAH! Excellent job!

    Another good spot in NYC for furtive public sex is Grant's Tomb (so I've heard).

  2. That is AWESOME!

    (I really, really like bagels.)

  3. Did you have to keep quiet, or was the traffic loud enough to cover your typical enthusiasms?

  4. Bruno - The traffic was fairly loud, and also my enthusiasms were somewhat muted by the fact that the sex was frankly more of the "no one's looking, stick it in" variety than the "languid sensual delights" variety.

  5. Come on, you can't leave us hanging like that.

    What kind of bagels?

  6. This sounds like the best NYC trip ever. I'm glad you're having so much fun.

  7. Despite the anticlimax of the PLAIN bagels, this was awesome and inspiring to read. You are totally my hero and I want to be just like you when I grow up (though I do suspect we're the same age).


  9. PLAIN bagels!!! I am disappoint...