Thursday, October 28, 2010

Slow recovery.

Lying down: "This is ridiculous! I feel totally normal! I'm strong as a horse! I should get up and run!"

Standing up: "Ooog... I should lie down."


  1. 'Cause you run so much normally. :)

    You missed the best munch in the history of mankind, however. Grown men in bowler hats with unfashionably large mustaches wept at its splendor. Pregnant women squeezed out their kids three, even four months early, JUST so that the kids will be able to grow up and proudly say "I was at the 10/27/10 Cambridge Munch! Praise me with great praise!!!" Food court furniture became spontaneously sentient and scuttled over just to be a part of it. If only you had dragged your ill and weary ass out of bed and gone there, you too could have been a part of it. But no. Now you can only wish you had been there for all the rest of your dark, bitter days.

    While it was a very good munch for me personally (and as an added bonus, I got to meet your other... half[ves]? thirds?... you were right, quite tall), I'm pretty sure that it was just an ordinary, run-of-the-mill munch for everyone else. You'll go to others. For now, rest, and get better, so you can do the fun stuff sooner and in good health.

  2. Orthostatic drop of 700!

    Get one of your lovers to bring you Pho. ;)

  3. While I am very sorry that you have mono- you are having the precise experience that I did a year ago, and your posts are cracking me up. I did this EXACT thing over and over whilst illish. You did get beaned a lot harder than I did, and I hope you get better soon. Keep on rocking Holly!

  4. I was the same way with Mono. My bedroom was on the second floor, and I would have to stop and lay down halfway up the stairs for several minutes to regain my energy.

    I'm glad you're at home and feeling better, though :)

  5. ZombieCheeze - Oh man, does that ring familiar. Yesterday I took a shower and had to sit down on the shower floor halfway through because I got all wibbly. Today I was able to take a whole entire shower which was quite the achievement. I was wiped out afterwards though.