Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I have this theory.

I don't know if it's because men are built generally larger on average, or they have more free space in their pelvis, or if it's just that they aren't socialized to affect daintiness in such matters, or what, but it seems like most guys who are into ass-play can take way bigger things up their asses than most women can.


  1. I'm a pro-domme, my clients are mostly straight guys who love. it. up. their. ass. the things I've seen go in there... are well into the range of larger than the average cock. most can handle a few lubed up fingers, some can manage a fist. I wish straight men could own this more readily. Its a shame there isn't more pride to being able to fit a fucking hand up your bum.


  2. Maybe it's because they get off on it more? Something to do with that.

  3. Yeah, my ex could take two fists in his ass. Sigh. Straight dudes who aren't ashamed to like ass play rule.


  4. Two fists? Good lord. That makes me quail inside just to think about it.

    Ass-play is pretty awesome, though. I'm ever grateful for my ex's tendency to experiment!


    I tried to get my hand into my bf once but couldn't, I think because his pelvis is too narrow (we both felt the bones squeezing my knuckles together). That's what I get for being a big-handed girl who loves skinny bitch-boys.


  6. My ex taught me this when he bought his first dildo. It made my eyes widen and I'm a size queen.

    I don't know how they do it.

  7. I've noticed this, too. Part of me says maybe it's a result of sexist culture that means women often take longer to realize their kinks (like large-scale ass play) than men do. Men would therefore simply have started working on this at a younger age, more frequently, and they'd have been more willing to enlist the aid of a partner due to relative lack of shame.

    Part of me just wants there to be a simple anatomical or otherwise biological reason for this, though, like how having a uterus means you naturally have less room for a bladder and so it's not a result of some sort of societal conditioning to act frail that women have to pee more often than men.